Episode 3432

Australian Air Date: 28th January 2003

Shelley returns to Summer Bay – but will she stay? Colleen is taken with the thrill of fame. Leah is furious that Alex is trying to run her life.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3420. Returned to the Bay to ask the girls to move to the city with her.

Extended Summary

The Sutherlands sits down for a family dinner and Jade tells the family that they are better off without Shelley and Dani tells Rhys that Jade isn’t taking it well.

Leah goes off at Alex for ringing their mum to tell her about Leah discarding the family tradition.

Colleen and Max talk more about the book. Rhys is shocked that Shelley has arrived back in the Bay, but is she here to stay? Shelley tells Rhys that she is here to sort things out once and for all. Seb visits Alf in hospital and Seb learns a shocking secert of Alf.

Leah tells Jesse that he is pushing it too far when he breaks it off with Angie. The Sutherlands doesn’t take Shelley and Rhys’s divorce very well and
the girls and Max try to convince Shelley to change her mind. Shelley asks the girls to move to the city with her, will the girls leave?

Shelley and Rhys have a fight about who is staying in the Bay with Rhys and who is leaving with shelley. The girls decides to stay in the Bay with Rhys
and Shelley is shocked to hear the girls chose Rhys over her. Flynn talks to Alf about Donald taking early retirement from the school to stay home to
look after him.

Shelley says a tearful farewell to the girls and Max.

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