Episode 3431

Australian Air Date: 27th January 2003

Alf faces a life or death decision. Don puts his career on the line. Sally and Flynn return with wonderful news. Rhys gets back from his quest for Shelley.


Return episode, last seen in Episode #3418 played by MARTIN DINGLE-WALL. First episode for this actor. Returned with Sally from Perth following their surrogacy dealings with Sophie.

Extended Summary

Angie talks to Nick about the deal and Angie tells Nick to keep trying. Dani asks Rhys if Shelley is coming home and Rhys “says” no and Dani talks to Jade and Jade is upset about it.

Sally and Flynn return to Summer Bay from their holiday. Sally and Flynn tell everyone the good news about having a baby. Hayley tells Dani about the kiss between her and Josh, Dani tells Hayley that he isn’t worth it.

Dani confronts Josh about the kiss between him and Hayley and tells him to stop messing with Hayley and Noah’s relationship. Donald finds out that Alf has got a brain tumour. Donald tells Alf about the brain tumour. Ailsa tells Alf not to have treatment.

Noah tells Flynn about Claire’s work at the drop in-centre. Angie visits Rhys at home and trys to get closer to the family. Sally talks to Irene about her and Flynn having a baby and the phone rings and it was Flynn for Irene and Flynn asks Irene to come to the drop in-centre.

Irene tells Sgt Carter that she didn’t do anything to Nick. Hayley and Josh nearly kiss again and Nick was behind them and Hayley is shocked. Donald tells Flynn and Sally that Alf doesn’t want treatment and that he will take early retirement from the school to look after Alf and that Sally can take on the roll of principal at Summer Bay High.

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