Episode 3430

Australian Air Date: 24th January 2003

Has Alf been misdiagnosed? Alex is shocked when Leah discards her tradition. Noah discovers what he was meant to do. Jesse tells Angie it’s over, but finds it’s not that easy.

Informed Donald that Alf was not suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease after all.
Third appearance, last seen in Episode #3356. Oversaw Alf’s admittance to hospital.
Final episode.
Diabetic boy who collapsed at the Drop In Centre, causing alarm for Claire.

Extended Summary

Alf talks to Leah about the diner and that she is doing a great job. Nick turns up at Jade’s and Dani answers the door and Nick asks Dani if Jade is here and Jade tells Dani that she doesn’t want to see him. Dani tells Nick that he should leave and Jade talks to Dani about her feelings about Nick. Nick goes to Angie to tell her that it is not going to work and Angie tells Nick that he has to keep trying and not to give up that easily.

Leah decides to stay in Summer Bay and that is where she belongs and Jesse is happy about Leah staying. Jesse tells Angie that their relationship is
over and Angie doesn’t take No for an answer. Donald talks to Alf about him staying with him and Seb.

Alf has a headache and Donald goes to get some pain killers for Alf. Ailsa comes back and is in Alf’s bed. Nick clears the air with Jade and sorts out their relationship and decides to just be friends.

Claire has a difficult time at the drop in centre trying to handle a boy that turned up, and he collapses on the floor having a fit and Claire thought that he was using a syringe because he was on drugs but when she called Noah and Noah discovered that he has diabetes and gets him to hospital straight away.

Leah discards the family tradition and Alex is not happy. Dylan knows that Nick is faking that his back is still sore and that Angie is involved with it.

Alf collaspes on the floor of the hospital after Ailsa convinces him to leave the Bay again, will Alf survive? Has Alf been misdiagnosed?

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