Episode 3429

Australian Air Date: 23rd January 2003

The case against Irene escalates. Dani is enchanted by a gallant stranger. Nick becomes Angie’s willing accomplice. Morag says a tearful goodbye to Alf.

First episode. Elizabeth’s son and Kit’s elder brother. Country boy who was riding his horse when he came across a lost Alf, searching for the imaginary Ailsa.

Final episode.

Extended Summary

Jade tells Nick that she can’t trust him anymore and that she thinks that they should break up. Nick doesn’t take the break up very well. Nick gets in trouble off Irene for not staying home to wait for any calls about Alf.

Irene doesn’t realise that Nick is upset about his break up with Jade.

Everyone is still out there looking for Alf.Seb finds Alf in the bush and gets help and goes to the hospital for a check up.

Rhys tells the girls that there was a guy that he bumped into while searching for Alf and he was on a horse. Dani meets the guy on a horse on the beach that Rhys was talking about and they look at each other, is this love for Dani?

Rhys decides to go to the city to sort out his relationship with Shelley, Dani is happy with Rhys. Nick tells Irene that he is moving in with Hayley for a while and Irene is not happy about it and feels bad. Nick bumps into Angie while walking to Hayley’s and is playing with his mind again. Rhys heads off to the city.

Irene gets some bad news from Claire that she tried to tell them that she is wrong, but Docs doesn’t believe her and that the case is going further and
Irene is horrifed about it.

Morag visits Alf in hospital, but Alf thinks that Morag is Ailsa and Morag gets upset and leaves the room.

Angie blackmails Nick into getting back with Jade and ask Jade for some information about her family and to pass it on to her.

Nick goes along with Angie’s game and will he get caught?