Episode 3428

Australian Air Date: 22nd January 2003

The search for Alf begins. Hayley tells Noah a lie. Kirsty and Dylan make a fresh start.


Extended Summary

Jesse is worried about Leah if she is coping with Alf leaving. Donald and Seb goes searching for Alf in the bush, will they find him? Noah hugs Hayley and Hayley feels guilty after kissing Josh behind Noah’s back. Donald and Seb finds Alf’s car in one piece and they haven’t found Alf yet. Noah is wondering why Hayley and Josh have been so close to each other lately.

The search for Alf begins. Dylan is wondering why Angie is helping with the search for Alf and Dylan tells Angie that she is only helping because Rhys is helping with the search. Colleen tells Leah that Alf normally leads the search, but this time it’s Alf that they are searching for.

Rhys and Angie heads to Rhys’s place to get a hat for Angie to wear for the search. Kirsty and Max is noyt impressed when they see Angie waering Shelley’s hat. Morag thinks that there is something going on with Leah and Jesse. Angie finds one of Alf’s hankies while helping with the search.

Josh tells everyone that they think that they have found Alf’s trail tracks in the bush.

Max is thrilled to beat Dylan in a game of chess.

Alf loses Ailsa in the bush and now he can’t find her, Alf screams out Ailsa’s name.

Hayley trips over a log and she can’t walk any further, so Noah carrys her back home to rest her ankle.

Hayley tells Noah a lie about her and Josh. Alf sees a horse and freaks out and falls in a ditch in the bush.

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