Episode 3427

Australian Air Date: 21st January 2003

Alf disappears from Summer Bay. Rhys is incensed to discover photos of Jade. Josh makes a move on Hayley

Extended Summary

Alf tells Leah that she is working too hard and then tells Leah that he is going to have a rest, but he is leaving the Bay, but no-one knows it. Dani tells Josh that he is doing the wrong thing by Leah by convincing her to sell the diner and Josh tells Dani that she is not his girlfriend anymore and to stay out of it.

Irene shows Rhys the photos that Nick took of Jade and Rhys is shocked and tells Irene thank you for showing me. Dani tells Jesse about Leah thinking about leaving the Bay. Jesse trys to convince Leah not to leave the Bay.

Claire trys to apologise to Irene about what she has done and Irene throws it back into her face.

Rhys shows the photos to Jade and Jade get upset when Rhys loses his cool with her. Dani supports Jade after Rhys yells at her. Claire and Alex share a kiss. Leah goes up to Alf’s room to find a letter on the table that says that he has shot through to be with Ailsa and that Leah to have the diner.

Leah is devastated about Alf leaving.

Rhys and Jade has a father to Daughter talk and they sort things out. Leah goes over to Irene’s to tell her that Alf has left the Bay. Hayley and Josh kisses after Hayley asks him if it is ok if Nick stays here for a while.

Leah breaks down in the diner and Jesse supports her.

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