Episode 3426

Australian Air Date: 20th January 2003

Investigations threaten to tear Nick and Irene apart. Don makes a heartbreaking decision for his old friend’s future. Hayley tells Noah she must move out. Morag tells Donald that her father suffered from Alzheimer’s in his final years.


DOCS Officer. Investigated Irene following Claire’s suggestion. Found suggestive pictures of Jade in Nick’s room.
Spoke to Morag and Donald about the possibility of moving Alf into a Nursing Home.
Nursing home resident. Talked to Alf about the Vietnam War.

Extended Summary

Alf tries to help Donald after his rage. Hayley tells Noah that Irene will have a black mark on her name for the rest of her life. Nick asks Dylan if it is true about Angie and Dylan tells Nick that it is true.

Alf has a flashback of pushing Donald and causing him to have an attack.

Morag and Donald have a talk about what to do with Alf. Morag and Donald turn up at a nursing home, Donald doesn’t know if it is a good idea for Alf.

Irene gets upset when she gets Questioned about her assaulting Nick, Nick walks in and trys to clear Irene’s name.

Colleen tells Alf to have a break and that her and Ailsa will finish off the orders that he was making.

Irene finds out that Nick has taken photos of Jade in her brunch coat, Nick tells Irene that she is not his mother and yells at her. Irene goes around
to Hayley’s to talk to her and Hayley tells Irene that she is a good mother.

Alf decides not to move into a nursing home. Morag comes up with a good idea that Alf can move in with Donald and Seb. Donald tells Alf that he has to
move in with him or in a nursing home, Alf decides to move in with Donald and Seb.

Hayley thinks about moving in with Irene to be with Nick so she can be there for him. Ailsa brainwashes Alf by convincing him to leave the Bay with her,
will Alf leave Summer Bay?

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