Episode 3424

Australian Air Date: 16th January 2003

Has Alf pushed Morag to her death? Dylan betrays his mother. Irene is horrified by Claire’s allegation.


Extended Summary

Claire jumps to conclusions over Nick’s chat with Noah and that Claire thinks that Irene is the older women that is assaulting Nick and Claire rings up docs and them. Noah is very angry with Claire. Hayley is worried about her brother Nick. Noah tells Jesse about Nick’s case and Jesse tells Noah that he has to get it sorted out.

Claire tells Hayley about Nick’s case and Noah is very cranky with her for telling Hayley. Hayley is upset about her brother. Hayley feels bad that Nick didn’t come to her for help and Noah trys to sort it out. Rhys catches Jade and Nick kissing on the coach and Rhys tells Nick to go home. Rhys and Jade starts fighting about it and Dani asks what’s going on, Rhys tells Dani that there is nothing going on and Jade yells at Rhys and Rhys loses his cool with Jade and kicks the chair.

Jesse and Nick has a talk and Nick trys to tell Jesse about his problems and the phone rings and Nick anwsers the phone.

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