Episode 3423

Australian Air Date: 15th January 2003

Sally and Flynn find a surrogate. Rhys lashes out at Jade. Nick makes a shattering discovery about Angie. Hayley is hurt by allegations about her brother.



Extended Summary

Noah tells Irene about what Claire said about Irene assaulting Nick and is horrifed about it and is worried about Nick. Angie plays her stupid games with Morag and it backfires on her. Dylan asks Rhys what was Angie like when she was young and Rhys tells him what she was like and Dylan is suss with Angie.

Kirsty bumps into Nick at the beach and tells Nick that he is doing the wrong thing towards Jade and Nick didn’t like that.

Morag comes up with an idea that someone could move in with Alf so that he doesn’t have to go into a Nursing Home. Dylan has a talk to Morag in the diner to convince her to drop the pursuit case againest Angie. Angie kicks Dylan out off the house and Dylan goes to Rhys for help and asks him if he can stay with him for a couple of days and Rhys wasn’t quite sure, Dylan walks away. Jesse trys to talk to Dylan and Jesse helps Dylan by asking Irene if she minds Dylan staying there for a while and Irene says that she doesn’t mind.

Irene and Dylan are getting along really well. Angie asks Dylan to come home and Dylan tells her that he isn’t ready to go home yet. Angie tells Irene to
stay out off their life and Irene keeps Angie in line and tells her way to go. Nick is not happy to find out that Dylan is staying at Irene’s for a while. Dylan trys to help Nick and Nick ends up starting a fight with Dylan, Irene goes into Nick’s room to break up the fight and tells Dylan to clean his self up and asks Nick what’s going on.

Has Moarg falls down the stairs, will Morag survive?

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