Episode 3422

Australian Air Date: 14th January 2003

Noah’s frustration with Claire reaches boiling point. Don must make a decision about Alf’s future. Where did Rhys spend the night? Will Dani’s over reaction ruin everything for Jade?

First episode. Flynn’s temporary replacement at the Drop In Centre. Caused an DOCS investigation into Irene after incorrectly assuming she was the cause of Nick’s harassment.

Extended Summary

Alf has a fight with Donald over Ailsa being here for tea. Donald thinks that Alf needs to see are Doctor and Alf tells Donald to leave. Dani covers for Rhys, so the girls don’t find out that Rhys is seeing Angie, will it cost her losing her family? Noah talks to a girl on the beach and her name is claire.

Claire tells Nick that he is making a big mistake by leaving school and Nick gets angry with her, will Nick go back to school? Noah and Claire don’t get off to a good start has Claire tells Noah that when Flynn is not here that he has to go along with her rules. Kirsty, Jade and Dylan talks about their family and if Shelley is coming back and Jade takes it the wrong way.

Alf thinks that Irene and Donald are talking behind his back and is angry at them she thinks that Jade and Nick are up to something and Irene doesn’t know if
she believes her. Irene goes home to talk to him and it doesn’t go down well.

Nick gets upset when Irene mentions to him about getting a job. Jade has a talk to Dani for some advise on her relationship with Nick and Jade tells Dani why did she bother asking her anyway if she was going to tell Irene.

Nick trys to talk to Noah about his problems and Claire buts in and Nick walks out. Noah is angry with Claire. Dani lets Rhys know that she isn’t
happy with him.

Morag asks Alf what day is it today and Alf says” Monday and Morag tells Alf that it is Wednesday and Morag tells him that he needs help, Alf didn’t like

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