Episode 3421

Australian Air Date: 13th January 2003

Josh learns that love is not always enough. Max’s book arrives. Has Alf completely succumbed to madness?

Unknown character.

Extended Summary

Leah is in a state over Vinnie’s death. and Jesse is there to give Leah some support. Alf is still shocked to see Ailsa in the diner. Josh shows off in front of Dani at the beach.

Alf goes off at Donald again in the diner and Donald is confused. Dani is not happy when her father is going over to Angie’s for tea. Max and Colleen have a chat in the diner about the book that they organised.

Dani teases Max about the book that he is reading. Alf invites Donald over for tea with him and Ailsa, Donald is more confused and worried. Rhys and
Angie talk about things and Jesse turns up and tells Angie that it didn’t take her long to get back with Rhys.

Rhys tells Angie that he has to go and that everyone will be talking about them. Leah tells Jesse that she wants to hurt Ralph but Jesse tells her that
that is a bad idea has she will end up getting hurt. Leah gets upset. Leah sits down with VJ to watch a video of Vinnie, Leah starts crying.

Josh tells Hayley that he is very sorry about before and Hayley tells him that he has to make his mind up if he wants to get back together with Dani.
Josh goes over to Dani’s to talk to her and try to get back together with her. Josh asks Dani for a second chance and Dani tells Josh that it won’t
work out and the anwser is No.

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