Episode 3420

Australian Air Date: 29th November 2002

Tragedy strikes on VJ’s birthday. Shelley leaves Summer Bay. Alf’s life takes an incredible twist.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #2960. Appeared as a figment of Alf’s imagination.
Final episode.

> Vinnie “dies” off-screen in a fire at Birramiah State Prison.

Extended Summary

Rhys asks Shelley what is going on with her and Angie, and about pouring punch over Angie’s head. Shelley is upset with Rhys. Shelley packs her bags to move to the city away from Rhys and Angie and Rhys trys to stop her. Shelley heads down stairs with her bags has Dani and Josh walks in. Dani tells Rhys to try to convince Shelley to stay. Rhys only can convince Shelley to stay till morning. The Sutherlands are in an emotional mess over their parents break up.

Irene tells Alf and Alex about Shelley tipping punch over Angie’s head. Dani gets upset with Josh over his meanful comment to her and they break up over it. Dani and Shelley talks about Shelley leaving the Bay and her job at the drop in-centre and letting Flynn down. Shelley leaves the Bay and Rhys has a break down and is in a mess. Rhys confronts Angie about her talk with Shelley and Angie has got Rhys twisted around her finger. Jesse tells Leah that she looks great.

Rhys tells Max about Aunty Shelley leaving the Bay. Rhys and Max a shocked to see on the news that the prison that Vinnie is in is on fire. Leah gets a phone call at home, that Vinnie has been killed from the fire in the prison. Leah is so upset and in shock. Alf is shocked to see Ailsa in the diner after coming back from the dead. Starring Shelley played by Paula Forrest, Alex played by Danny Raco, Rhys played by Michael Beckley, Jesse played by Ben Unwin and Dani played by Tammin Sursok.

Rachael Jennings

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