Episode 3419

Australian Air Date: 28th November 2002

Shelley publicly humiliates Angie. Max confesses the truth to Colleen. Kirsty refuses Dylan’s birthday gift. VJ hears his mother’s voice for the first time.


Final episode.
Third appearance, last seen in Episode #3393. Attended the school dance before taking Mikey back home.

Extended Summary

Kirsty and Jade opens their presents and Jade gets a moblie off her Mum and Dad. Shelley and Rhys puts in their votes for the election. Shelley and Rhys has a talk to Max about his money that hs has. Dylan gives Kirsty a gift for her birthday and refuses to keep it. Morag nearly rans Angie over in the carpark and gives her a warning about the courtcase. Rhys finds out that Max is up to something with the bankbook.

Leah gets good news that VJ’s inplant for his hearing is working and that VJ heard her say for the first time I Love you, Leah is so happy. Max explains to Colleen about the $2000 that he forged her signture on the cheque and Colleen understands him. Angie tells Dylan that he has to go to the danceparty tonight. Everyone arrives at the danceparty. Angie trys to stir things up at the party. The students has a drink race to see who wins and gets cream all over the place.

Dylan tells Angie to stop with her games with Rhys, meanwhile Rhys asks Kirsty for a dance and Kirsty walks away. Mr Fisher makes a speech and congratulates a student and the students name is Mikey and Mikey goes up on stage and he is very happy. Shelley pores a jug of punch over Angie and walks out and everyone stares at her. Starring Paula Forrest as Shelley, Michael Beckley as Rhys, Christie Hayes as Kirsty, Chris Egan as Nick and Norman Coburn as Mr Fisher.

Rachael Jennings

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