Episode 3418

Australian Air Date: 27th November 2002
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Jonathan Geraghty

Sally and Flynn find a surrogate. VJ takes his first steps. Alf is amused to find Morag in trouble with the law.

Final episode, returning in Episode #3431 to be played by JOEL McILROY.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Flynn tells Sally that she is coursing trouble with Sophie. Jade and Nick are still fighting over Simone and Jade is trying to talk to him. Hayley and Noah talks about his election speech, meanwhile Jesse and Flynn talks about sophie in the Bay. Sally and sophie argue over the surracey and Sally tells Sophie that she wasn’t going to ask her because what she said before that she doesn’t want anymore kids and that’s why she didn’t ask her.

Morag asks Donald to sign some papers and Donald tells Morag that he has to talk to Alf first and a lawyer. Sally has a talk to Irene about the surracey and that she wants Sophie to have the baby and that she doesn’t want to jeperdise her friendship with Sophie. Jesse gets Hayley to cover his shift at the gym. Nick is happy not having Angie in class today and Jesse tells Noah good luck for the election and that he will vote for him.
Morag gets sued for defamation of charactor and she knows who it is, Angie Russell and Morag is very angry with her. It is Mikey’s last day at Summer Bay High and he makes a speech to the class and Mikey gives a bunch of flowers to Sally in class too. The students starts setting up for the dance party and they muck around in the hall. Irene has a chat to Sophie about the surracey and Sophie is thinking about it more and will she decide to have Sally and Flynn’s baby?

Kirsty starts crying to Seb and Seb asks Kirsty what’s the matter and Kirsty tells him that it’s her 16Th bithday tomorrow and that she should be happy and that she is not happy and that she is sorting out her life and it’s a mess with the famliy and all that. Seb gives Kirsty some support after what she is going though. Sally and Flynn a so happy and Excited when Sophie tells Sally that she has decided to have their baby, Sally,Flynn and Sophie has a cuddle for the happy three.

Starring Christie Hayes as Kirsty, Mitch Firth as Seb, Norman Coburn as Donald, Chris Egan as Nick and Ray Meagher as Alf.

Rachael Jennings

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