Episode 3417

Australian Air Date: 26th November 2002

Is Rhys’ marriage over? Will Noah betray all he stands for to get elected? Alf collapses.


Local councilor who tried to bribe Noah’s campaign.
Independent candidate in the council elections.
Diner customer who Alf mistakenly thought was laughing at his momentary lapse of concentration.

Extended Summary

Sophie is happy staying in the Bay for a week. Sally buys Sophie a early christmas present. Shelley hates living in the Bay and wants to live in the city and Rhys tries to talk to her and it doesn’t help a bit. Rhys tells Shelley that he will cook dinner tonight and that one of the girls will come up to get her for tea. Sophie talks to Sally about her life and tells Sally that she is getting on with her life and Tamera is so demanding but she still loves her daughter.

Sally tells Flynn that Shelley wants to talk to him. Jesse tells Hayley that the Sutherlands are thinking about moving to the city, has Rhys walks in the gym, Rhys tells them that they haven’t decided yet. Alf yells at two guys in the diner and kicks them out for laughing at him. Rhys tells Shelley that he has decided not to leave the Bay has he wants to stay. Noah makes a deal with a guy for the election for the council, will he go ahead with the deal? Sophie sees some surrancy pamvalites in a draw at Sally’s and is not happy when she finds out that that was the reason why Sally ask her to come back to the Bay.

Sophie is upset, is this the end of their friendship? Noah is ready for the election. Noah makes a speech at the election, will his speech be enough to make him win the election? Starring Beau Brady as Noah, Ray Meagher as Alf, Michael Beckley as Rhys, Kate Ritchie as Sally, Paula Forrest as Shelley, Tammin Sursok as Dani and Christie Hayes as Kirsty.

Rachael Jennings

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