Episode 3416

Australian Air Date: 25th November 2002

Dani gives grave warning to Angie. Morag makes some serious allegations. Dylan is crushed by Kirsty’s suggestions.


Return episode, last seen in Episode #3288. Visited the Bay to see Sally.

Extended Summary

Morag goes to the diner in disgrace when her car got vandalised and she blames Angie for it. Shelley thinks leaving the bay is a good idea and Rhys doesn’t agree, will the sutherlands leave the Bay?

Jade asks Nick if he wants to bump her and he tells her that he wants to keep going out with her but Jade doesn’t know what to do. Morag tells Alf that she is going to find Angie guilty for Griggs death and that she is upset.

Rhys asks Dani to talk to Shelley and talk her out of leaving the Bay, and Dani tells Rhys that he has to talk to her himself. Shelley and Rhys has a talk to the girls to asks them what they thought about leaving the Bay, and the girls doesn’t want to leave to move to the city.

Rhys tells Shelley that he loves her and the only one. Sally is thrilled that Sophie is returning back to the Bay. Kirsty tells Nick,Seb and Dylan that their family are moving back to the city. Dylan is angry at Angie for driving the Sutherlands away from him. Dylan confronts Angie about it and Angie tells him that they won’t leave the Bay.
Mrs Russell gives Nick a bad mark in his assignment. Jade gets into a fight in class with another girl in her class. Mrs Russell puts Nick on detention with the two girls and Nick is angry at Mrs Russell. Shelley gets confronted by Angie in the Kiosk and Angie tells Shelley that Rhys can make his own mind on wheather he wants to leave the Bay or not, and Shelley is angry with her.

Starring Michael Beckley as Rhys, Paula Forrest as Shelley, Kate Ritchie as Sally, Kate Garvan as Jade, Chris Egan as Nick and Mitch Firth as Seb.

Rachael Jennings

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