Episode 3415

Australian Air Date: 22nd November 2002

Shelley delivers a drastic ultimatum. Sally makes a surprise announcement. Dylan loses faith in Flynn.

GUY (?)

Drop-In Centre kid who Flynn told off after playing table football too roughly with his mate.

> Continuity Error: Flynn states that Sally is twenty-four years old. She only turned 21 in 2000.

Extended Summary

Jade puts her name down for the organising for the school dance party. Nick is upset and Irene doesn’t know why? Alf yells at Leah and Alex and they don’t know what to do. Alf gets the orders mixed up at the diner. Dani is worried that Josh is changing.

Shelley is thinking what Max is up to. Jade goes to touch Nick and Nick backs off, and Jade doesn’t know what’s going on with Nick? Shelley doesn’t know what to do for the twins 16th birthday and Jade walks in and tells Shelley that there is not going to be a birthday party that Nick doesn’t want to go out with her anymore.

Leah tells Angie that she wants Vinnie here for VJ’s birthday. Nick trys to apolagise to Jade but Jade agores him and tells him that she is going to the dance party with Seb, and Seb is once again stuck in the middle of Nick and Jade’s problems, is this the end of Nick and Jade’s relationship?

Angie forces Nick to read out a letter that he wrote to Jade out in front of the class and Nick is very upset with Angie and storms out of class after the bell rings. Leah gets a letter from Vinnie saying that he will be home for VJ’s 1st Birthday and Leah is thrilled to know that Vinnie is coming home but will he?

Seb tells Irene that Mrs Russell is giving Nick a hard time in class and Irene confronts her and tells her to stay away from Nick. Starring Paula Forrest as Shelley, Ray Meagher as Alf, Lynne McGranger as Irene, Tammin Sursok as Dani and Chris Egan as Nick.

Rachael Jennings