Episode 2763

Australian Air Date: 9th February 2000

Ken is accused of drinking. Colleen’s son, Lance comes back to the Bay! Sally has her 21st birthday party, rejects Vinnie and inherits $250 000.

Return episode, last seen in #513. Visited the Bay for Sally’s 21st birthday celebrations, secretly having deserted the army following a drunken tanker rampage.
First episode for this actor, last seen in #2760 played by CAMERON WELSH.
Return appearance, last seen in #2762.
Investigator who oversaw the Summer Bay boat people drama.
Helped police question the boat people.
Was questioned by police over the boat people dilemma.

Extended Summary

Will tells Irene his dad has been drinking. Irene doesn’t believe it at first.

Joel hasn’t made his mind up about keeping Rachel yet. He gets called into work on his day off. A bunch of illegal immigrants were found off Shark Point. They have to sort through them.

Irene visits Jack to see if Ken really has been drinking. Jack says he cleaned up the empties himself.

Lance Smart arrives back in Summer Bay. Colleen doesn’t let him tell the real story of while he’s come back. She tells him one of his friends is having a party.

Mitch complains to Hayley that she can’t make up her mind up about Sam.

Everyone is gathered at Vinnie’s house for the party. When Sally is coming, everyone hides. She thinks everyone has forgotten but then she gets the surprise!

Hayley gets the news about Ken. When he comes into Irene’s house where Hayley and Will are waiting, Irene tells him to leave. He doesn’t know what he’s done wrong and when they tell him; he doesn’t get a chance to explain.

Joel questions a Chinese man with the help of a translator. He sees a little Chinese girl whose parents have died. When Joel gets told she’ll be sent back to China to an orphanage, he thinks of Rachel.

At the party, Sally tells everyone how surprised she was. She takes Vinnie into the kitchen to tell him something. Vinnie thinks she’s going to want to get back together with him, but that’s not the case. Now that Sally’s 21, she gets access to her trust fund which has $250,000 in it.

This makes it harder for Vinnie to try and get back with her. Justine says he should ask her anyway.

Sam looks for Hayley.

Once Joel and Natalie get home, Joel tells Nat he wants them to keep Rachel.

Colleen tells Gypsy about Lance. When he arrives, Sally is really happy to see him.

Vinnie takes Sally out the back and tells her he wants her back. She thinks it’s because of the money and says she would never get back with him.

Ken talks to Jack about the drinking business. Jack doesn’t believe Ken’s story and decides he can’t employ him anymore.

Justine tells Sally that Vinnie was being sincere when he wanted to get back with her. Sally apologises to him but says they still can’t get back together. She tells him that she’ll buy the digital camera for him.

Joel meets Lance. Lance tries to tell his mum about what happened while he was away but she draws the wrong conclusion.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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