Episode 2760

Australian Air Date: 4th February 2000

Joel discovers Natalie has lied to him. Alf leaves to search for his sister, Celia. Fisher gives up on Marilyn.

Final episode. Fled the Bay, leaving Rachel in the care of Joel and Natalie.
Final episode for this actor, replaced temporarily by MITCHELL McMAHON in #2763. Returns to the role in #2801.

Extended Summary

Jesse shows up on Natalie’s doorstep with Rachel in his arms. Natalie tells him to turn himself in.

Alf books a flight to Africa for the following day. Ailsa isn’t happy because she knows he might not even find Celia.

Natalie tries to talk Jesse into turning himself in but he would rather not go to jail for 12 months. When he hears Joel arriving home, he rushes out.

Donald apologises to Judith when she visits him.

Ailsa argues with Alf about him going to Africa. Mitch, Sam and Duncan hear.

Vinnie talks to Natalie. She suspects he’s had contact with Jesse.

When Sam decides to move back in with Donald, Alf and Ailsa tell him about Marilyn.

Ailsa reveals to Alf that she’s scared about his safety. He reassures her.

Donald tries to explain to Sam about Marilyn. He wants Sam to move back in to keep him company. Sam agrees. Judith suggests Donald should ring the airline or police to see if Marilyn has used her ticket to return to Australia.

Rachel asks Natalie when her dad is coming back. Natalie says she doesn’t know and tells Rachel not to tell anyone else that Jesse was there.

Donald thinks Marilyn is gone forever.

Sam tells Mitch about Marilyn. Mitch calls a truce so they can be friends, but Sam doesn’t want to since Mitch is still friends with Hayley.

Donald tells Judith he still loves Marilyn, but because of what she’s put him through, he wishes he had never met her.

Colleen visits Natalie to talk about Jesse and Rachel. She leaves shortly after Joel gets home.

Alf leaves to go to the airport.

The Nash family and Rachel are at the dinner table; Tom is talking to Joel about which car he should buy. Rachel tells Joel about her dad taking her to the beach. He realises Jesse had been at the house.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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