Episode 2759

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 2000

Rachel goes missing. HSC results start to arrive. Fisher has a few drinks too many. Alf’s sister Celia has gone missing.

Extended Summary

Tom receives his fairly low Exam results. Joel and Natalie expected it but Tom is very disappointed.

Donald visits Alf and Ailsa. He tells them about Marilyn.

Vinnie gets a phone call from Jesse. Jesse tells him to watch Rachel and that he’s going to ring back later.

Donald tells Alf and Ailsa about the funeral service. He wonders if it would have been better if Byron were buried in Australia.

Rachel is frustrated because she doesn’t know when her dad is coming back. She runs out the door. Joel and Natalie argue over Rachel. Natalie goes out to find her.

Sam’s neck brace is finally off. He finds out Donald is home but Ailsa tells him not to go over just yet.

Tom finds out from Joel that he’ll be able to get a new car because Joel’s work insurance will cover it.

Natalie tells Joel she can’t find Rachel.

Donald receives a note from Marilyn telling him she’s not coming back.

Sam finds Duncan going through Mitch’s bag. They find a picture of Mitch’s mum when Mitch walks in and blames Sam for looking through his bag.

Alf visits Donald to ask him about Sam. Donald shows the note to Alf and reminds him it’s not the first time she’s done this.

Vinnie and Justine are in the Surf Club with Vinnie’s HSC results. When he opens them, Justine says she didn’t realise they went down that low. Natalie tells them both about Rachel’s disappearance. Vinnie says he’ll check at his place. When she leaves, he tells Justine about Jesse’s phone call.

Donald is drunk when Judith visits. She awkwardly leaves.

Joel suspects Jesse might have come back for Rachel and taken her with him.

Alf calls around with a beer for Donald, only to find him already drunk.

Vinnie tells Joel he hasn’t found Rachel yet. Vinnie doesn’t want to tell Joel about Jesse’s phone call.

Mitch apologises to Sam for blaming him. Duncan had told Mitch the truth. He says that’s the only picture of his mum.

Alf gives Donald some coffee to sober him up. Ailsa turns up at Donald’s house to tell Alf about a phone call.

Vinnie gets a call from Jesse and tells him Rachel’s missing.

Alf finds out his sister, Celia, has gone missing. Donald says he’ll be OK. Alf and Ailsa leave for home to wait by the phone.

The search party is out to look for Rachel. Jesse finds her.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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