Episode 2758

Australian Air Date: 2nd February 2000

Harry comes back for Shauna. Will reconciles with his dad. Peta rushes to stop Edward from jumping to his death. Fisher is back from the States… without Marilyn.

Final episode.

Extended Summary

Mitch and Sam argue over Duncan’s video game. Alf and Ailsa are thankful Donald and Marilyn are coming back tomorrow because there have been lots of arguments.

Hayley and Will talk tactics for the race. Jack is taking the go-kart to the course in the morning. Irene tells Will he should invite Ken.

Mrs. Smart overhears Peta and Gypsy talking about Edward’s jump off Jump Rock. Colleen tells Peta about a car under the water that you can’t see. Peta goes off to tell Edward.

Alison and Harry are in the taxi on the way to the airport when Harry decides he can’t go through with it. He gets his suitcase out and the taxi drives away.

Sam is jealous because Hayley invited Mitch to the go-kart race and not him.

Shauna sees Harry trying to hitch a ride so she stops. They work things out then kiss.

Ailsa has a talk to Sam and Mitch about their fighting.

Edward recalculates his jump, but reassures Peta that he won’t do it.

At the Diner, Will awkwardly invites Ken to the go-kart race.

Shauna and Harry are both at home again and happy.

Mitch apologises to Sam but Sam’s still angry. He says his neck brace comes off tomorrow.

Everyone is at the go-kart race getting ready. Will has trouble with the motor.

Peta and Gypsy are at the Diner, about to leave for the go-kart race. Miss Ackroyd asks if they’ve seen Edward. Peta knows he’s gone to Jump Rock. Miss Ackroyd tries to talk to Gypsy but Gypsy’s still mad about the school captain business.

Will finally asks Ken to fix the motor for him.

Edward jumps off the cliff when Peta gets there.

Ken fixes the go-kart just in time for Hayley to drive off to the starting position.

At the Surf Club, Peta is angry with Edward and tells him that if he can’t promise he’ll never do anything like that again, she never wants to speak to him again.

The race starts. Everyone cheers for Hayley. She ends up coming second and everyone is proud of her and Will.

Donald arrives home expecting Marilyn to be there but she isn’t.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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