Episode 2757

Australian Air Date: 1st February 2000

Edward’s willing to risk his life for a thrill. Will Shauna fight for Harry? Ken asks Irene for a second chance.

Return appearance, last seen in #2756. “Shared” a beer with Ken after his first day on the job.

Extended Summary

Edward gets an idea from Will to jump off Jump Rock; a place where macho men go when they have to prove themselves.

Harry tells Alison his decision to go with her. Shauna wishes them both luck.

Edward and Peta look at Jump rock. Peta really doesn’t want him to do it. He says he’ll need to plan his jump.

Hayley tells Ken what Irene said. Ken goes around to Irene’s house and asks her out to dinner. She doesn’t want to but he doesn’t take no for an answer.

Harry gives James 2 weeks rent because he’s leaving with such short notice. James says he’s doing the wrong thing.

Gypsy tells Will about when she saw Jesse.

Irene tells Ken to back off

Ken helps Hayley with the go-cart. When Will comes, he tells Ken he doesn’t want his help.

Jack tells Will to give his dad a fair go.

Edward gets ready to jump the cliff, but Peta says if he jumps, she’ll have to jump as well.

Hayley complains about Will to Irene and Irene complains about Ken. Hayley tells Irene that she gave Ken some advice to get him into her good books.

Edward tells Peta she won her little “mind game” but Peta realises it isn’t over.

Irene gives Ken a second chance.

Alison and Harry say their goodbyes to James and Shauna. Shauna can’t believe he actually wanted to leave.

Jack gives Ken a beer after they finish working. Ken secretly tips the beer out because he used to be an alcoholic.

James tells Shauna she should be going after Harry since they love each other. She leaves for the airport.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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