Episode 2756

Australian Air Date: 31st January 2000

Jesse makes his escape. The Nashes have to consider Rachel’s future. Shauna takes Harry’s difficult decision out of his hands.

Extended Summary

From last season: Harry has to choose between Shauna and Alison.

Joel was in a police chase in Tom’s bomb of a car. He was following Jesse and Mick when both cars crashed. Joel’s knee is injured. Jesse pulls Joel out of the car because it’s on fire then walks away.

Jesse tells Joel that he’s not going to give himself up. Joel lowers his gun, unable to stand up. They talk to each other, Jesse explaining that he ran out of choices. Mick regains consciousness and Jesse asks Joel for his handcuffs. Mick is handcuffed to the steering wheel of the car. Jesse says he’ll call an ambulance as soon as he can.

Alison tries to convince Harry that they were made for each other and that moving back to the U.S.A. to get their old life back is an attractive offer.

Tom, Gypsy and Peta read the note Natalie found in Rachel’s bag. It sounds as if he’s not coming back. Natalie doesn’t want anyone to tell Rachel.

Will and Hayley prepare for the go-cart races which are in 2 days time. They need a place to work on the go-cart. Irene suggests Jack’s place, but Will doesn’t want to because “he tries to take over”. Jack is the person who let Will use the go-cart and it originally belonged to Jack’s grandson.

Mike Carter, Joel’s boss, arrives on the scene to talk to Joel. He’s angry that Jesse got away.

James tells Shauna she might have sent Harry the wrong message by breaking up with him.

Hayley talks to Ken (her father) about Irene. She tells him how he can get in Irene’s good books.

Carter shows up at the Nash’s house. He tells Natalie about Joel’s accident. Natalie shows him Jesse’s note.

Harry and Alison are on the beach. Alison tells him she doesn’t want to waste time. Harry puts sunscreen on her back as Shauna watches from a distance.

Hayley is telling Ken how to act in front of Irene. Will comes and talks to Hayley about the go-cart. Ken says he’ll help take it over to Mr. Brown’s but Will says he doesn’t have to. Hayley suggests Ken comes with Irene.

Jesse thinks about everything that’s happened.

Joel arrives home and Natalie shows him Jesse’s note.

Harry tells James he kissed Alison. He asks for James’ advice, but he’s on Shauna’s side.

Hayley and Will take the go-cart to Jack’s. Irene and Ken go with them. Ken tries to put Hayley’s tactics to work.

Natalie and Joel try to work out what’s going to happen with Rachel.

Mistake: Hayley says there’s 3 days to go… 3 days to victory. Before it was 2 days.

Jack gives Ken a job working on his farm. Ken says he’s into country music because Irene is, but he can’t name any artist.

Harry tries to convince Shauna that nothing is going on between him and Alison. She doesn’t believe him.

Irene tells Hayley she noticed Ken was acting weird.

During dinner, Tom asks Joel about the car. Jesse briefly appears at the door and Gypsy sees him. She drops a fork on her plate and Nat asks her if she’s ok. She says she’s fine.

Alison gets called into work, cutting her holiday short. She asks Harry if she should get an extra seat, he says no. Shauna hears.

Gypsy goes outside and talks to Jesse. He tells her to look after Rachel. He doesn’t tell Gypsy where he’s going to go.

Harry and Shauna talk. Shauna says she won’t be second best. Harry says he can’t pretend he doesn’t have any feelings for Alison. Shauna says he should go with Alison.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

Guest Cast

Final episode. Was arrested following Jesse and Joel’s spectacular car smash.
Eighteenth appearance, last seen in #2750. Followed up on the aftermath of Joel and Jesse’s car smash.
Assisted Joel with his injured knee following the car smash.
Return appearance, last seen in #2748. Offered Ken a job.

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