Episode 2755

Australian Air Date: 26th November 1999

Will Joel shoot Jesse? Harry has a choice. Has Marilyn run away again?

Extended Summary

Mick and Jesse get the car ready by spray-painting it.

Alison takes more of Harry’s time by volunteering to do the washing up with him. Shauna leaves. Harry tells Alison about Shauna taking a break from the relationship.

Tom has a look at Gypsy’s photos and asks Joel if he wants to see them. He picks them up but doesn’t look at them. He talks about dropping Tom’s car off at Jesse’s garage.

Donald packs his things to meet Marilyn. He is upset. Ailsa is there.

Alison and Harry watch a movie. Shauna walks in and gets upset because “they weren’t paying much attention to it”. Alison makes her goodnight kiss to Harry a romantic one.

Donald talks to Ailsa. He fears facing Marilyn because of the suffering.

Joel and Natalie look at the photos of Gypsy. Joel doesn’t see the one with the car in it. Joel leaves to drop Jesse’s car off at the garage and to go to work. Rachel phones Jesse and mentions that Joel is coming to see him. Jesse tells Mick and Mick stresses out. He asks Jesse why he had all his clothes packed, and then threatens him.

Shauna goes for a run.

Mick stresses again when the car doesn’t start. Jesse gets out and tries to fix it.

Shauna comes back. She doesn’t want Harry unless he turns Alison down.

The car works. Joel appears in his (Tom’s) car. Mick freaks out and speeds off. Joel gets back in his car and goes after them.

Alison is upset when Harry seems nice to her. She doesn’t want to play games any more and tells him she could be on a plane this afternoon. She wants to know where she stands. They kiss.

Natalie finds a note in Rachel’s bag. It’s for Natalie with a part for her to read to Rachel when the time is right.

Joel continues chasing the car with Jesse and Mick inside. Joel crashes when there are road works ahead.

Donald panics because Marilyn has “disappeared”. Ailsa suggests she might have just gone out somewhere but Donald has rung the hotel and there’s no sign of her.

Jesse’s car has also crashed. Mick is unconscious. Jesse gets out of the car and sees Joel’s car overturned with some fire coming out. Joel is calling out. Jesse helps him out of the car and starts walking away because he knows he’s still in trouble. Joel points his gun and warns Jesse to stop. Jesse doesn’t believe he’ll do it. He continues walking when Joel fires a warning shot. Jesse keeps walking. Joel slowly counts to three and Jesse turns around.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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