Episode 2754

Australian Air Date: 25th November 1999

Fisher is devastated about Byron. Shauna tells Harry she doesn’t want to see him while Allison’s around. Mick discovers that Jesse has planned an escape.

Extended Summary

Mick and Jesse plan for the “getaway”, Jesse has to go and organise a babysitter for Rachel

Edward and Duncan talk about Byron’s death. Edward tells Duncan that if there’s any consolation, it’s that Byron won’t have to grow up knowing whether or not he’s got an illness.

Shauna tells Harry that Alison is getting the wrong idea. Harry hasn’t told Alison that Shauna and him are together. He promises Shauna he’ll tell her.

Jesse goes to Natalie’s house to see if she can mind Rachel overnight. She says yes.

Duncan tries to explain to Alf what Edward was talking about but he storms off to try and find Edward.

Edward is at the Surf Club. Alf goes off at Edward, not realising his disease.

Harry talks to Alison. They’re still friends, but Alison hopes that things might change.

Jesse is on the beach with Rachel and he tells her he loves her and that she’s going to stay at Natalie’s for a while.

At Fisher’s house, Alf tells Don about what Edward said to Duncan. Fisher gets annoyed and tells Alf that Edward has Huntington’s disease.

Justine talks to Tom. She tells him that she’s enrolled in a drama school and Tom is upset because she didn’t let him enrol.

Alf apologises to Edward explaining that Donald had told him about the disease. Edward gets upset with Donald for telling Alf.

Jesse drops Rachel off at Natalie’s house. He tells Natalie about Rachel’s allergy to bull-ants. He’s packed a lot of things for her to last a couple of days so Nat asks him if everything’s OK. He says yes.

Edward talks to Donald. They sort everything out.

Tom tells Natalie that him and Justine have sorted everything out. He also tells her he bought a car.

Tom checks the car out and is very angry. The car is a bomb and it doesn’t even start.

They take the car out for a road test to see if it’s roadworthy and it clearly isn’t. They nearly crash. Joel suggests they get Jesse to have it fixed up.

Mick checks out Jesse’s garage and finds some clothes stashed away. He rings his mate telling him Jesse might be trying to bail out.

Shauna decides to take a break for a few days so Harry can sort out his feelings for Alison.

Judith makes sure Donald is feeling alright but he’s devastated about Byron and is packing some things for Marilyn. He is going to visit her.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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