Episode 2761

Australian Air Date: 7th February 2000

How committed is Shauna to Harry? Natalie and Joel are still disagreeing. Vinnie decides it’s not over for him and Sally.

Nineteenth appearance, last seen in #2756. Informed Joel of the deteriorating search for Jesse.

Extended Summary

All the kids clear the table and go upstairs with Rachel so Natalie and Joel can talk to each other. Joel is angry because Natalie didn’t tell him Jesse had been in the house.

Harry is setting up a romantic dinner for Shauna. James comes home. When Shauna comes home, James leaves.

Rachel’s birthday is coming up soon and Sally’s 21st is in a few days. Sally tells Ailsa she’s not having a party because all her family and friends are away.

When Ailsa sees Donald, she tells him there was a delivery for Marilyn’s salon. He says he’ll sort it out.

Joel argues with Natalie because she let Jesse get away. She thinks she handled it fine since Jesse was a friend and saved Joel’s life.

Since Jesse is gone, Sally and Vinnie need a new roommate to help pay rent.

Harry tells James about how things with Shauna are easy. He believes they are past that awkward stage.

Shauna tells Sally that everything is still so new with Harry.

Joel tells Natalie that he has to front up to Carter. Natalie is in tears and Joel says she doesn’t know him at all. Tom overhears and Joel gets mad at him too.

Harry sees Shauna’s credit card bill and decides to pay it because it is due.

Joel tells Carter the story about Natalie and Jesse.

Vinnie decides he wants to get back in a relationship with Sally but doesn’t know how. Gypsy tells him it’s Sal’s birthday in 2 days.

Tom tells Gypsy about the fight their parents had. Vinnie thinks he has the answer to Tom’s problem.

Shauna looks for her bill and when she finds out Harry’s paid it she is angry with him.

Vinnie shows Tom around the place. Sally comes home and Vinnie asks her about her party. She says she’s not having one. When she finds out about Tom, she’s not very happy.

Harry tells James about Shauna’s reaction and doesn’t think the relationship is committed.

In the diner, Donald tells Judith it feels good to be tying up the loose ends and that when school starts again, he hopes things will be back to normal.

Sally argues with Vinnie while Tom is listening in the other room. She’s mad because he didn’t ask her permission, since Tom hasn’t been on his own before. They agree that he can stay as long as Vinnie can cover Tom’s pay.

Harry apologises to Shauna about paying her bill. They kiss and make up.

Gypsy asks Natalie if everything is all right. She tells Nat that she saw Jesse too. Tom comes home and tells Natalie he’s decided to move out. She works out it’s because of Joel. Joel overhears and another argument is started.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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