Gypsy’s big mouth lands Mitch in trouble with Hayley. Hayley catches Ken and Irene kissing. James has some heartbreaking news for Farmer Brown. Tom’s shocked when he discovers Justine’s going on stage naked.


Will gets angry when Irene announces Ken is moving in. Mitch and Hayley have a fight. Justine and Curt are caught in the act.


Fisher is furious to discover Edward’s read his manuscript. Mitch digs himself into a deeper hole with Hayley. Fisher and Greg come to verbal blows. Irene worries that Will has left home for good.


Nat is shocked to discover she’s pregnant. Sam realises that Fisher does love him. Sally lets her hair down and gets robbed in the process. Edward pushes to have Fisher’s manuscript published.


Sam has to decide between living with his father and Fisher. Sally is hit with an early ‘mid-life crisis’ and decides to travel to Ireland. The Nashes come to terms with Natalie’s pregnancy.


Mitch tries to win back Hayley. Vinnie advises Tom to scam Fisher. Ken buys Will’s support with a motorbike.


Irene and Ken fight for control over the kids. Gypsy puts Hayley in her place. Edward agrees to write about his disease. Hayley hoses Mitch when he tries to win her heart.


Gypsy gets into a fight at school. Justine’s having second thoughts about being naked on stage. Has Ken finally won Will and Hayley over?


Harry is accused of kissing a student. Summer Bay hears that Joel isn’t the father of Natalie’s baby. Justine realises she’s been taken for a ride.


Justine gets an unexpected offer after her play. Harry struggles to clear his name. Sam finds a new love interest.


Harry’s disillusioned with teaching. Tom and Gypsy join forces to take out the boat illegally. Vinnie is beaten up.


Vinnie reveals he’s still pining for Sally. Joel threatens to pull the plug on Tom’s boat hire business. Irene hands over the reins to Ken.


Justine and Tom join forces to bring Vinnie out of his blues. Ken goads Will into a fight. Alf is released.


Harry hands in his letter of resignation. Hayley takes a job against Irene and Ken’s wishes. Ken and Irene take the next step in their relationship.


Gypsy is surprised and flattered to find that Charlie has tracked her down. Fisher tries to convince Harry not to leave. Hayley has started working for Claire’s dad at the real estate agency.


Peta catches Gypsy two-timing Will. Claire discovers Sam has been boasting about them sleeping together. Edward takes Peta’s job as editor of the school newspaper. James announces he’s leaving Summer Bay.


Harry’s amateur psychology is working on Shauna. Gypsy accuses Peta of being an interfering busybody. Edward is announced editor of the school newspaper, and the students boycott.


Shauna beats her dog phobia. Vinnie picks up an unfortunate hitchhiker. Peta and Gypsy become reluctant allies.


Vinnie’s keen on Leah, but so is Tom! Natalie is harassed by a mysterious phone caller. Hayley suspects things aren’t innocent with Brian Rogers.


Leah reveals she’s committed a terrible crime. Ken punches Rogers for harassing Hayley. Natalie’s mysterious caller turns up on her doorstep.

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