Ebony digs for information about Colby. Is Olivia having second thoughts about her new roommate? Maggie’s health leaves her feeling disconnected from the world and her family.


What is Ebony up to? Will Justin and Willow make amends? Marilyn and John are successful in their foster application.


Will Justin lose his business? What game is Ebony playing? Will Olivia convince Jasmine to follow her heart before its too late?


Raffy is unimpressed by the new foster kid. Olivia pushes Jasmine to make a move on Colby. Justin struggles with the fall out from the accident.


Marilyn and John face an uphill battle settling Ty into their family. What is Coco hiding from Ryder? Maggie has a falling out with Ben at work, while her illness continues to loom large.


Robbo calls upon an old friend from the Feds. Maggie takes control of her cancer the only way she can. Ryder seeks out relationship advice, but only ends up worse off.


Will Robbo listen to Lance and take back his old life, or is the Bay starting to accept him? Can Maggie gain her self-confidence back now her sickness is more evident than ever?


Can Olivia and Hunter repair what’s left of their friendship? Ebony’s plan for revenge starts to come to fruition. Can Robbo say goodbye to the Bay?


Ebony’s threats push Justin closer to the edge. Raffy’s feud with Ty takes a shocking turn. Willow crosses a line with Dean.


Willow’s love life takes a messy, unexpected turn. It is a particularly difficult day for Colby. Raffy and Ty become friends…but is that all?


Maggie’s condition takes a dramatic turn for the worse. Ebony starts to reel Colby into her web of lies. Ryder’s attempts to win over Coco backfire spectacularly.


Maggie’s illness takes a turn for the worse. Ebony drives a wedge between Colby and Jasmine. Coco pushes Ryder further away.


The Astonis prepare for the worst when finally, Maggie wakes up! Ebony drives a wedge between Jasmine and Colby. Ash is back in the Bay!


Robbo returns to basic police training in order to get his job back. But can he tick all the required boxes? Ash returns to the bay as a changed man. How long can Willow string Dean along?


Leah’s vlog gets some unwanted attention. Robbo turns down the job with the Feds. Dean gets the girl!


Maggie is worried that Ben isn’t ready to face the reality of her cancer. Young love blooms between Raffy and Ty. Leah is standing up to her cyber trolls – but has Ryder taken things too far?


Raffy deals with the fallout from her kiss. Leah teaches Ryder an important lesson about consent. Can Colby and Jasmine salvage their friendship?


Will Colby be suspended from the police force? Hunter and Mason wonder if its time to hit up the single scene.


Ebony starts asking questions about Robbo but does he buy her innocent act? Maggie plans an impromptu getaway. While Justin and Willow are at odds, Ash and Tori reconnect.


Can Tori and Ash give their relationship another go? Maggie’s goodbye letters are discovered. Alf tries to help Robbo find a purpose in life.

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