Angel and Shane decide it’s time to leave Summer Bay. Kelly attempts to find Steven a girlfriend. Chloe searches for fatherly love and advice.


Selina finds a baby on the beach. Kelly’s fear of being HIV positive escalates. Chloe turns to drugs for comfort.


Irene tells Marilyn that she wants a baby. Kelly’s HIV test results arrive. Chloe borrows money to support her growing drug dependency.


Michael and Pippa take the abandoned baby into their care. Joanne begins her menacing seduction of Steven. Kelly feels she wants a baby too.


Joanne gatecrashes Steven’s date with Lindsay. Shannon feels Alex has betrayed her. Irene’s plans for motherhood are squashed.


Sally gives a desperate man the strength to keep on living. Chloe’s drug problem affects her schooling. Shannon believes she’s going to lose Alex.


The abandoned baby’s father steps forward. Shane finds himself in a life-threatening situation. Joanne is supplying drugs to the students of Summer Bay.


Shane is kidnapped and threatened by criminals. Jack and Sally’s relationship cools. Brendan suggests that the Rosses foster himself and the baby.


Fisher suspects Chloe of drug abuse. Steven is fed up of Joanne’s games. Sally and Jack argue over Brendan and the baby.


Joanne accuses Fisher of sexual harassment. Selina discovers Chloe’s deception. Shannon believes her relationship with Alex is over.


Fisher is formally interviewed by the police. Shannon finds that Alex didn’t post his painting to apply for the scholarship. Shane has a clandestine meeting with Bruce.


Travis and Shane jump overboard at sea to try and escape a gang of criminals. Chloe’s conscience leads her to confession. Jack’s behaviour forces Sally to call it quits.


Chloe is seen buying drugs. Jack blames Michael for his split with Sally. Shane and Travis are rescued by the Navy.


Jack has a hand in the wrecking of the Surf Club. Travis contemplates his future now that the boat is wrecked. Joanne is arrested thanks to Chloe’s assistance.


Shannon and Alex go hang-gliding and discover an old plane wreck. Jack gets violent when he argues with Michael. Brendan misses out on a job.


Shannon and Alex trace the plane’s owner to England. Brendan declines a job offer to stay with Selina. Michael makes his decision on the new bistro.


Selina has to tell Brendan that there is no future for their relationship. Shannon and Alex are contacted by a descendant of the wrecked plane pilot. Alf suggests to Ailsa that they could run the new bistro.


Travis takes Shane’s job at the caravan park. Shannon arranges a meeting with her mother. Jack is heading for more trouble.


A furious Alf accuses Jack of helping to wreck his store. Kelly and Angel argue over Travis. Shannon’s mother fails to show for their meeting.


Shannon realises who her mother is. Jack plans more mayhem with the gang. Curtis displays symptoms of being drunk.