Alex is blinded in an explosion. Curtis prepares for his surfing duel with Joel.


Irene catches Jesse in Selina’s room.


Hannah is concerned about her sick mum who refuses to go to the doctor.


Stephanie tells Liam how she was shot in Somalia. An allegation of child abuse is made against Pippa.


Angel brings her baby home. Liam and Stephanie become closer. Pippa discovers that Kelly filed the abuse complaint.


Pippa and Kelly find out why Craig’s bones are breaking. Angel must deal with Dylan’s jealousy towards the baby. Alex’s behaviour changes.


Simon pays a visit to Summer Bay. Alex’s behaviour becomes stranger.


Liam and Stephanie’s date ends in disaster. Angel and Simon almost kiss. Selina and Jesse’s relationship deepens.


Kelly is not allowed to adopt Stephanie. Curtis over-reacts to his surfing victory.


Jesse runs from the police and Stephanie’s fake passport is discovered. Alex is rushed to hospital.


Stephanie’s fate is now in the hands of the Immigration Department. Hale tells Jesse that he’d better leave town. Simon tells Angel that he’ll be there if she ever needs help.


Travis is upset that he might not see Stephanie again. Jesse leaves town.


Simon reveals the connection between Jesse, Hale and Shane’s death. Steven is pulled over for drink driving.


Angel throws Alex out of the house. Steven is in Fisher’s bad books. A mysterious Joey turns up at Summer Bay.


Irene agrees to let Joey stay in the beach house. Alex’s irresponsibility causes baby Shane to nearly drown.


Hannah’s dad comes after her. Liam gets off to a bad start with Joey.


Katherine forces Shannon to ask too much of Mandy. Joey gets Liam into trouble.


Keith goes to Fisher’s office with a gun, determined to get what he wants. Joey has second thoughts about life outside the commune.


Hannah’s father believes life is not worth living if he can’t see his daughter.


Chloe is attached on her way home from a party. Kelly feels she has more in common with Steven than Travis. Alex is having trouble coping with his problem.

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