Episode 1879

Australian Air Date: 14th March 1996
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Sean Nash

Fisher helps Angel make the funeral arrangements. Damian arrives in Summer Bay to support Angel over Shane’s death. Kelly finds comfort in Dr. McClaren, rather than Travis.

Return episode, last seen in #1803. Rushed to support Angel following Shane’s death.
Return episode, last seen in #1867. Began romancing Sally.
Return episode, last seen in #1867. Was perplexed by ‘Plugger’s’ interest in Sally.

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During the scene with Sally and Jack in the kitchen halfway through the episode, Sally is seen to pour a glass of milk and then place the empty milk carton back in the fridge. During the first take, Kate Ritchie had emptied the milk carton and was stumped as to what to do next as she wouldn’t have a reason to go back to the fridge. When she jokingly commented that she probably should have carried on, as she was always finding empty jugs in the fridge at home, the director liked the idea and decided that the scene should play out like that.

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