Matt, Jett and Maddy start to plot against Sasha in the campaign for school captain. Marilyn is scared when she thinks John is going to propose. Bianca learns of Jess’ pregnancy.


Bianca tries to come to terms with the news that Heath got Jess pregnant. Oscar and Evelyn try to figure out a way to get Denny to stay in the Bay. The new School Captains are announced.


Casey tries to convince Adam to help Brax. Zac and Hannah hit a bump in their relationship. Bianca is devastated to discover more news about Heath and Jess.


Roo struggles with life without Harvey. Phoebe asks Kyle about what happened in Melbourne. Irene is set up on a blind date.


Hannah is escaping life at the Farm House. Adam refuses to help Casey.


Bianca wants to know Jess’ reasons for staying in the Bay after the damage she has caused. Irene returns the favour and plays matchmaker for Chris. A familiar face returns to the Bay.


Brax is out of gaol and arrives home to find things have changed since he left. Ricky is in the running for her dream job in the UK but with Brax home, what will she decide? Chris strikes a deal with Irene.


Brax has to deal with the fallout caused by his return, including Andy who is outraged to learn he is out of gaol. Roo wants Alf to find help at the bait shop, despite it being Harvey’s old job.


Hannah feels the pressure to keep her relationship with Andy a secret, while Zac can’t figure out why Hannah is pulling away.


Matt attempts to connect with Sasha. Jett sees an opportunity to blackmail his way onto the SRC. Bianca wants Heath to make a choice – her or the baby and Jess.


Jess goes into labour on the beach. Ricky struggles to steer clear of the Braxtons. With a little help from Chris, Spencer and Sasha fail at trying to remain friends.


Could this be the end for Heath and Bianca? Brax and Casey try to help Andy and Josh with their grief. Denny is shown the real Chris.


Will Andy do the right thing by his brother? Hannah struggles to keep her relationship with Andy a secret. Sasha reveals her true feelings about Matt. Jett uses his position on the SRC to do something for Gina.


Zac learns about Hannah and Andy. Marilyn tries to maintain her space while John and Jett discuss the Gina memorial. Kyle is reminded of how much he misses his music… and Phoebe.


Marilyn reacts badly to John’s invitation to move in. Heath and Bianca try to make things work with the baby while Jess is hiding a tragic secret. Is Ricky leaving town?


Zac and Hannah’s relationship continues to crumble following their breakup. Bianca learns of Jess’ illness. Chris struggles to make time with Denny.


Zac and Hannah continue to drift away, forcing Evelyn to act. Josh and Andy disagree on what to do with their father’s remains. Bianca decides to fly to London with Ricky. Brax discovers a family secret.


Brax confronts Cheryl over the photo and learns the truth. Josh and Andy are finally able to say goodbye to their father. Chris continues to struggle to take Denny on a date. Heath learns of Bianca’s departure.


Heath, Brax and Casey travel to London, leaving Kyle to run things by himself. Marilyn’s system puts John in an awkward position. Sasha attempts to convince Matt to return to school. Maddy tries to fix Spencer and Sasha’s relationship.


John is close to breaking as Marilyn continues to impose on him. Sasha might have finally reached Matt, but threatens her relationship with Spencer Tamara helps Kyle with the restaurant and gym. Maddy tries to convince Roo to keep Colleen company.

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