Brax gets rough with Kyle, shocking everyone except Ash. Marilyn tires of John’s get-rich-quick schemes. Phoebe and Kyle realise Ash isn’t so bad after all.


Ricky realises Brax needs Ash in his life. Sophie turns to pills when she witnesses Nate’s betrayal. Andy messes up with Hannah again. Marilyn fails to make things up to John.


Nate is guilt-tripped into staying with Sophie. Marilyn and John patch things up despite his lack of handyman skills. Hannah’s stunned when Sophie insists she means nothing to Nate. Maddy tells Josh that she’s pregnant.


Spencer agrees to a night away on the boat unaware Matt’s also on board. VJ joins the boat trip, but it’s clear he’s still hiding something. Low on confidence, Matt avoids spending time with Sasha.


Brax’s secret life in prison threatens to boil over. Girls night proves cathartic for Evie and Denny. The boys trip away ends in disaster when Spencer punches Matt and VJ gets a tattoo.


Evie helps Spencer open up to his classmates. Zac’s secret keeping for VJ gets him in trouble with Leah. Convinced he’s not good enough, Matt breaks up with Sasha – but will love win out? Denny seeks a new direction


Brax reveals to Ricky what really happened in prison. Jett warns Marilyn and John to let him choose his own path. Despite their fears about becoming parents, Maddy and Josh vow to stick together. Leah’s forced to ask for Zac’s help when VJ insists on quitting school.


Sophie spirals when Nate finally tells her their marriage over. Oscar feels sidelined by Maddy’s new connection to Josh. Ash and Ricky join forces to help Brax.


Phoebe’s offered a recording contract but will Kyle get in her way? Nate realises Sophie needs to work through her issues without him. Andy overcomes his embarrassment and accepts Hannah’s help. John remains determined to be there for Jett.


Spencer attracts the eye of a gorgeous young traveller. John remains determined to be there for Jett. Evie and Matt’s night of spontaneity ends in disaster when Sasha assumes the worst.


Sasha admits the damage has been done to Matt. Evelyn’s attempt at friendship doesn’t cut it with Josh. When Leah refuses to engage the idea of TAFE, VJ sneaks out. Spencer feels betrayed when he learns Maddy’s pregnant.


Zac mends his relationship with VJ, winning Leah’s admiration. Sasha and Matt talk through their issues and agree to start over. Evelyn struggles to cope with her broken heart. Nate’s inability to stay away makes Sophie believe there’s still a chance for them.


Sophie has a meltdown when Nate makes it clear he’s never coming back. Josh is relieved when Andy promises to support him and the baby. Despite Roo’s concern, stubborn Maddy puts off having an ultrasound.


Brax reassures Ricky of his feelings. Ash reveals he wants to ramp up the search for his sister. Kyle’s unimpressed with Phoebe the Pop Princess. Jett feels guilty when John offers to pay for a maths tutor.


Phoebe chooses to go along with Nieve’s idea for her career, but at what cost? Marilyn’s rocked when she realises Jett sees her as his mother. Oscar’s stunned when Maddy reveals he might be the father of her baby.


Scared of losing Jett’s friendship now that she’s his mother, Marilyn tries to be Jett’s “bestie”. The idea of fatherhood sends Oscar into a state of panic.


Jett struggles to see Marilyn as his mother. Denny tries to make Oscar see that he has a responsibility to Maddy’s baby if he is the father. Chris scores his dream job, but will he take it?


Spencer puts his pride aside and tells Chris to take the job offer. Neive tells Phoebe to dump Kyle. Brax throws Neive out of Angelo’s. VJ and Leah make a deal.


Ricky gives Brax an ultimatum: he must choose between his family or his mate. Sophie’s deranged behaviour makes Nate worried for his life. Neive orders Kyle to dump Phoebe so she can pursue her dreams. Matt decides to expand his horizons.


Ash and Brax hit the road for a risky adventure. A completely unhinged Sophie sets her caravan alight. Josh finds out that Maddy has been lying to him about her baby’s paternity.

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