Andy’s bad choices bring Brax’s old enemy back to Summer Bay. Phoebe chooses her career over her relationship – but does Kyle trust her? Marilyn’s attempts to win Shandi over backfire.


Andy’s feud with Brax brings him closer to Jake. Maddy declares war on Evelyn. Is Oscar still hiding his eating disorder?


Maddy seizes a chance to win Josh back. Sophie reveals Nate’s philandering past. Josh and Brax bond over the General.


Sophie and Nate try to put the past behind them. Chris turns Irene’s kitchen into a D.I.Y. disaster! Matt promises Sasha they’ll raise the money for the Year 12 formal in time.


Will John be forced to choose between his daughter and his fianc̩e? Matt forces Leah into a very awkward situation with Zac. Phoebe tests Kyle’s jealousy at the fundraising Market Day.


Evelyn is on high alert as Maddy zones in on a vulnerable Josh. Jake Pirovic has a plan to eliminate Brax but needs Andy’s help. Leah’s bumbling school girl act confuses Zac.


Andy convinces Brax and Casey that he’s turned over a new leaf. Sophie tells Hannah to stay away from her man. Sasha worries as Matt decides to drop out of the HSC.


Why is Josh refusing to go to the formal with Evelyn? Hannah attempts to submit to Sophie’s demand that she stay away from Nate. Marilyn plays peacemaker for Shandi and John.


Shandi’s return drives a wedge between John and Marilyn. Matt reveals his demons to Sasha.


Marilyn tells John she’s walking away from their relationship. Casey makes Denny’s heart melt with a romantic gesture. Jake reveals his shocking plan to Andy.


Jake’s plot to kill Brax ends in tragedy. Oscar tries to win Maddy’s heart despite her feelings for Josh. Matt saves the formal when Sasha’s musical act falls through. Evelyn’s angry when Josh doesn’t show up for the formal – will Spencer pick up the pieces? Has Zac and Leah’s chance for love together passed them by?


Casey dies in Brax’s arms. Andy admits he was played by Jake. Maddy uses Josh’s grief to her advantage.


Brax isn’t coping with Casey’s death. Nate and Sophie’s relationship may be beyond repair.


Will Leah and Zac finally get their act together? Sasha asks Matt to promise he’ll make something of his life. John and Marilyn’s wedding is back on.


Nate’s rejection may send Sophie over the edge. Shandi’s misdirected anger scares Marilyn. Chris impresses Shandi. Roo pushes Leah to put her heart on the line with Zac.


Emotions are high as Casey’s funeral begins.


Summer Bay mourns as Casey is laid to rest. A final warning from Jake is left at the funeral. Marilyn and John consider cancelling the wedding to elope. An old face returns to the Bay. Evie reaches boiling point with Maddy at the wake.


Marilyn and John’s elopement becomes the worst-kept secret in Summer Bay. Sophie is suspected of stealing pills. Plans are in motion to go after Jake.


Matt captures some compromising footage of Leah and Zac kissing and considers what to do with it. Marilyn and John’s elopement becomes bigger than Ben Hur. Nate confesses his feelings for Hannah.


Leah tries to find the right moment to tell VJ that she’s seeing Zac. Chris is determined to attend the wedding with Shandi. Matt’s end of year film humiliates VJ.