Angel’s attempt to walk leaves her lying helpless and frightened. Laura leaves Jack and Curtis high and dry.


Angel begins to sink into despair. Mary cleverly edges her way into the Stewart house.


Angel may yet lose what is most precious to her. Laura drops a bombshell on Jack.


Angel is determined to fight for her son and Jack learns his lesson too late.


Angel’s determination to walk is tempered by some sound advice. Alf puts his money where his mouth is.


Mrs Harris carries out her threat. Selina learns about compassion and the wisdom of age.


Dylan finally knows the truth about his relationship with Angel. Rob is angry and disillusioned with the education system.


Fisher puts his foot down on Shane’s building plans. Jack watches horrified as Laura and Curtis embrace.


Angel’s inexperience with the wheelchair leaves her feeling frustrated and upset. Ailsa’s suspicions about Curtis and Laura have Fisher concerned.


Angel’s first attempt at self-sufficiency leaves her depressed and discouraged. Rob’s offer convinces Michael that it’s time for a change.


Shannon warns Curtis to be careful of Laura. Selina decides whether or not to take to her new jeans with scissors.


Selina is humiliated when Irene drags her out of the party. Donna makes it clear that she wants nothing more to do with Andrew.


Angel takes her first triumphant step. Rob warns Andrew to keep his hands off Donna.


Fisher warns Donna and Andrew to keep their personal and professional lives separate. Irene and Selina prepare for a battle of wills.


Selina defies Irene’s order to stay in the house. Curtis and Laura hide out anticipating some fun and games.


Irene is worried about Selina’s disappearance. Shannon discovers that Curtis and Laura are wanted by the police.


Curtis makes his priorities clear to Shannon. Shannon reacts badly when Marcus asks her out on a date.


Shannon faces her fears and offers the hand of friendship to Marcus. Shane and Angel find their new home.


Shannon’s friendship with Marcus continues to grow. Stress takes its toll and Irene collapses unconscious.


Rob rejects Andrew’s offer of help. Shannon offers Marcus the choice to walk away.

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