Shannon praises Jack for organising the successful concert. Steven falls under suspicion when Dodge goes overboard.


Pippa quits cooking for the diner. Fisher refuses to accept money for the fundraiser. Mandy leaves Summer Bay.


Curtis feels he can’t handle his relationship with Selina anymore. A changed Damian returns to Summer Bay.


Fisher tries to convince Michael to transfer Jack to Yabbie Creek High. Travis is shocked to learn that Dodge is still alive.


Steven is arrested for murder. Damian feels he doesn’t belong in Summer Bay.


Steven is determined to continue teaching. Damian makes a move on Selina. Jack decides to leave school.


Selina accuses Damian of being cynical and selfish. Shannon uncovers the reason Fisher wants to transfer below average students.


Jack wonders if there is any point in going to school. Marilyn tries talking to Steven about his situation.


Fisher refuses to accept Steven’s resignation. The tension between Michael and Alf intensifies. Irene receives insurance money from Mud’s death.


Damian decides to become a priest. Dodge gives Steven the slip once again. Despite Irene’s best efforts, the feud between Michael and Alf is reignited.


Damian’s decision to become a priest brings mixed reactions. Steven, Kelly and Travis keep a continual watch of Lisa.


Angel feels she’s losing her son. Selina puts Irene in her place over her treatment of Damian. Alex pursues Shannon.


Angel is reassured of her place in Dylan’s life. Irene offers her support to Damian. Sally falls down a river bank.


Sally sits on the river bank clasping her ankle. Steven begins the hunt for Dodge. Travis climbs into the roof to catch a possum.


Sally and Jack are caught kissing. Dodge kidnaps Kelly and Steven demands to know where she is.


Jack and Sally confirm their feelings for one another. When Dodge and Steven fight, they fall and disappear over the cliff.


Steven doesn’t believe that Dodge is dead. Marilyn goes out of her way to help Fisher. Curtis feels rejected.


Angel is frustrated about not having enough money. Irene is distressed by the problems she’s caused Steven. Alex goes to great lengths to get Shannon’s attention.


A mysterious American girl arrives in town. Selina is elected School Captain and changes her name to Roberts. Angel’s spending causes money problems.


Michael catches Sally and Jack together in Sally’s bed. Shannon and Alex realise that they are soul mates. Quinn’s identity is revealed.

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