Kelly’s sister accuses Kelly of letting her boyfriend die. Sally leaves Summer Bay. Alex finds himself caught up in a gang fight.


Fisher gives up hope of going out with Marilyn. Kelly tries to make Rachael understand that she did everything she could to save Rick.


Shannon realises she’s agreed to pose for a nude painting. Curtis makes a move on Selina.


Selina tells Curtis she’s outgrown him. Shannon agrees to pose nude. Quinn reveals to Steven why she hates Alf.


Curtis won’t accept that his relationship with Selina is over. Alex tells Shannon that he loves her. Kelly is close to giving in to Travis’ advances.


Curtis purposely harms Selina in a volleyball game. Angel steals money from the diner. Kelly finally falls for Travis.


Irene is horrified when she sees Selina’s bruised and swollen face. Angel’s conscience vanishes and she spends the stolen money on a new dress.


Marilyn covers for Angel and returns the money that Angel stole. Shannon is frustrated when Al keeps a secret from her. Shane is offered a second job.


Quinn tells Steven that she wants to make Alf suffer for making her mother endure 20 years of a loveless marriage. Angel feels she can’t go to uni.


Kelly is rescued from the sea by Travis. Curtis is under mounting suspicion for stealing Selina’s things.


Shannon and Alex’s relationship continues to develop. Jack tries to deal with Chloe’s return.


Travis takes a job as a hospital orderly. Chloe tells Jack that she no longer loves him. Quinn gives Steven a report that will damage the development.


Alf realises the truth about Quinn. Travis has trouble with his new job at the hospital. Chloe is taught how to relax by Irene and Selina.


Selina and Shannon panic when their car won’t start. Shane and Angel find it difficult to balance their time together.


Duncan runs for help when Alf has a mild stroke. Curtis and Chloe are drawn together. Saul begins to influence Selina.


Irene asks Marilyn to keep a close eye on Selina. Jack tells Curtis why Chloe is going out with him. After Alf suffers a mild stroke, Michael decides to make up with him.


Angel conveys to Marilyn that Dylan’s leukaemia is like a ticking time-bomb. Selina agrees to go to one of Saul’s meetings. Kelly and Travis leave Steven out in the cold.


Shane tells Travis that he feels like a prisoner in his own home. Dylan goes into remission. An upset Travis doesn’t go home one night.


Angel consults a clairvoyant to learn the sex of her baby. Fisher’s Christmas drinks plan is a failure. Steven and Travis joke about taking turns dating Kelly, but she is not amused.


Jack’s sister, Kathy, arrives in Summer Bay. Curtis and Chloe try to fight their attraction for each other.

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