Gus admits to Sally that he smashed Shane’s headlight. Sally tells Jack that his efforts to defend her are a bit late.


Teresa hands the reins back to Fisher. Alf continues to deal with Ailsa’s mental state.


Marilyn returns to Summer Bay with her marriage in jeopardy. Shannon denies any interest in Shane.


Fisher catches Selina in the boys’ dormitory. Shannon makes a pass at Shane.


Angel is suspicious of Shannon’s attempt on Shane. Marilyn decides to stay in Summer Bay for good.


Gus and Sally find themselves alone in the Ross house. Ailsa believes that Alf is trying to kill her, as her breakdown takes a shocking turn.


Sally is sprung with her fingers in the till. A terrified Ailsa breaks down in Alf’s arms after seeing visions of Bobby.


Sally takes the blame for Gus’ crime. Fisher marks his mid-term assessment of Teresa as unsatisfactory.


Donna tries to enjoy romance the only way Travis knows how – beer and pizza. Teresa is confused as to what action to take about her career.


Teresa and Fisher reach a compromise. Angel believes Shane has been lying about Shannon.


O’Reilly thinks Marilyn is interested in him. Angel is devastated when Shannon tells her that she slept with Shane.


Shane arrives in time to see Angel’s plane take off. Alf is shocked at what he finds inside Ailsa’s journal.


A plane is reported to have gone down with Angel, Dylan and Teresa on board. Shannon admits to having made up her affair with Shane.


The plane wreckage is found, with one fatality. Michael sets off in search of two missing people.


Donna promises to give Travis’ proposal serious consideration. Michael locates the missing girl, and promises to be there for her.


Angel isn’t responsive when Shannon tries to apologise. Sally tells Gus that he’s on his own when she finds out that he lied to her.


Donna gives Travis her answer to his proposal to move to Canada. Just as Selina and Curtis are feeling comfortable together, Selina gets a letter from her first true love.


Curtis is disappointed that Selina has not broken the news to Nelson. Irene is shocked to find that O’Reilly’s gift is an engagement ring.


Irene and O’Reilly receive mixed reactions to their engagement. Selina doesn’t know which boy to choose…. until Nelson kisses her.


Shane and Angel are shocked to find that their house is up for sale. A jealous Curtis has a go at Nelson.

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