Jack pushes Chloe away when she tries to apologise for her father’s racist behaviour. Though forced to eat, Shannon makes sure her stomach isn’t full for long.


Marilyn suspects O’Reilly is keeping a secret from Irene. Shane and Angel’s dream of buying their own home becomes a reality. Jack and Chloe use Nelson to hide their relationship.


Angel and Shane buy their house. Marilyn discovers that O’Reilly already has a wife. Nelson thinks that Sally won’t go out with him because he’s not as smart as her.


Mick O’Reilly is exposed as a bigamist. Curtis is caught red-handed. Shannon continues to lie to Pippa.


Selina tells Pippa she thinks Shannon is anorexic. The Ross family say goodbye to Maja when she is sent back to Yugoslavia. Alf punches Fisher in the nose.


Fisher reports Alf to the police for hitting him. Pippa visits the doctor who confirms her worst fears about anorexia. Has Max rumbled Chloe and Nelson’s charade?


Chloe defies her father and continues to spend time with Jack. Shane and Angel learn a thing or two about raising a child. Alf apologises to Fisher.


Irene goes over to tell Fisher that Alf has been charged. Nelson and Sally finally find a friend in each other. Chloe breaks off her relationship with Jack.


Nelson and Sally share a special moment on the beach. Pippa’s father, Bert, arrives out of the blue. Sally finds evidence that Shannon hasn’t been eating.


Shannon finally asks Pippa for help. Michael tells Pippa that Bert is upsetting everyone, but Sam thinks he is terrific. Marilyn gives Curtis some advice about women.


Angel is accidentally launched on a modelling career. Shannon finally admits there is something wrong with her and agrees to go to the hospital for treatment. Sally waits by the phone all day for Nelson to ring.


Pippa tells Shannon that she loves her as much as the other children, but Shannon’s not convinced. Sally is delighted to say that she and Nelson are an item. Bert burns his hand badly and doesn’t tell anyone


Shannon tells Pippa and Michael that she is leaving as she has been nothing but trouble. The new maths teacher arrives and Marilyn is very pleased to see him. Curtis begs Alf to keep the trailbike


Irene’s ex-husband arrives in town demanding to know about his children. Steven shows more interest in Marilyn than he does in teaching. While Angel is freezing on a beach at 5am, Shane is complaining about being woken up.


Angel tries out for a modelling job which pays $10,000. Steven admits he isn’t interested in teaching and is only hanging out for the grant. Mud continues to press Irene for details about his kids.


Angel gets an anonymous phone call. Selina suspects that Shannon has slipped back into her eating disorder. Bert & Sam have a little accident and come face to face with the police.


Shannon appears to be on the road to recovery. Sally stands up for Nelson when she hears a rumour about him. Steven reconsiders teaching when the kids tell him that they need him.


Curtis gives Nelson some advice about being a sensitive male and admitting his feelings for Sally. Steven asks Fisher for a second chance.


Shane finds himself left out of Angel’s new life when her modelling career takes off. Mud revives a flame in Irene and makes a move on her.


Angel decides to give up modelling and receives threatening letters in the mail. Chloe asks Jack if they can be friends. Mud walks in on Selina as she is dressing in her room.

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