Shannon finally tells Pippa the truth about why she has been using the phone box. Bert agrees to go into a retirement home. Ailsa tells Alf she doesn’t love him.


Alf tries to rekindle his wife’s love. Curtis finds Chloe crying in the surf club. Bert and Pippa resolve their differences.


Chloe is mysteriously absent from school. Fisher notices a drop in Sally’s school marks and blames her involvement with Nelson. Mud and Irene decide to try again.


Alf tries to be a sensitive, new-age guy. Angel is terrified when she is alone one night and thinks someone is in the house. Nelson finds Chloe on the beach, beaten and bruised.


Jack refuses to tell anyone where Chloe is hiding. Shane and Angel hope that their torment is over when the police catch a suspect. Pippa notices Shannon is going off her food again.


Jack tells Curtis that he is leaving Summer Bay with Chloe. Marilyn and Steven fall for each other. Nelson and Sally decide to split so they can cram for their exams.


Max follows Jack to where Chloe is hiding out. Sally and Nelson nervously enter the exam room. When Irene leaves for work, Mud makes a move on Selina.


Angel is attacked by an intruder in her home. Mud corners Selina and applies sexual pressure. Curtis will do anything to go in the bike race.


Angel’s masked intruder is exposed. The clinic is concerned about Dylan’s health and wants to run blood tests. Irene catches Mud in Selina’s bedroom.


Angel receives devastating news from the hospital about Dylan. Selina and Curtis decide that their relationship should go further.


Jack decides to take the law into his own hands and punish Max. Curtis and Selina’s romance ends abruptly. Marilyn finally decides to get a divorce.


Marilyn ends her budding romance with Steven. When a crisis call comes through to the Ross house, Nelson tries to save a girl from committing suicide.


Angel turns to the church for comfort. Rad steals Fisher’s wallet, but Jack is the one accused. Heather fakes a sprained ankle to get attention.


Angel reveals why she can’t have Shane’s baby. Jack decides he’s had enough of Fisher and school. Sally gets stuck into Heather for trying to steal her man.


Shane feels distant from Angel when she considers having Paul’s baby. Jack is attracted to Rad’s lifestyle. Fisher counsels Steven on avoiding intimacy with female students.


Marilyn mistakenly dyes Fisher’s hair bright red. Rad begins to have an influence on Jack. Curtis and Selina sort out their relationship.


Damian arrives in Summer Bay for Dylan’s christening, with a new image and outlook on life. Fisher feels he has reasserted his authority.


Sally wonders if Nelson is the boy for her after all. Shane and Angel have a breakthrough in understanding each other. Damian puts on a performance of his poetry in the cemetery.


Shane proves his love for Angel and Dylan. Jack and Rad crash a stolen car. Irene is proud of Damian and his poetry.


Nelson is paralysed as he watches the car explode into flames with Jack caught inside. The fire takes over Summer Bay, and while Fisher is saving the school, his own home is burnt to the ground.

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