Jack’s mice-breeding venture gets off to a shaky start. Selina decides to stay with Irene in Summer Bay.


Tug makes an important decision about his future. Jack’s inability to catch his stray mice lands him in trouble with Alf.


Rob and Roxy are disappointed in their date. Michael demands that Jack reveal the whereabouts of his breeding mice.


Roxy is forced to admit how strongly she is attracted to Rob. Shane gets out of his depth when he offers to make a toy for Dylan.


Tug farewells Summer Bay. Jack and Sam have trouble sticking to Pippa’s strict diet regime.


Pippa finally forces her family to admit their dissatisfaction with the low cholesterol diet. Jack realises too late that he’s double-booked himself with Sonia and Selina.


Jack’s double-booking lands him in hot water with Selina and Sonia. Angel is overjoyed that her sister will be staying in Summer Bay for a while.


Jack enjoys playing the field with three women. Sally is determined to find a way to bring Curtis and Shannon to Summer Bay.


Shane can’t wait to see Jack finally get his comeuppance.


Shane has Jack over a barrel. Old resentments surface between Angel and Frankie.


The Summer Bay Tigers’ post-match celebrations turn ugly. Frankie is shocked to learn the real reason for Angel leaving home.


Curtis and Shannon interrupt Pippa and Michael’s argument.


Jack’s luck with women finally runs out. The Ross and Stewart families are overjoyed when they get the go-ahead to foster Curtis and Shannon.


Jack falls for Selina, Sonia and Frankie’s plan of revenge.


Jack is caught with his pants down. Shane and Angel clash over wedding plans.


Alf and Shannon get off to a shaky start. Selina and her mother build bridges and come to an understanding.


Curtis and Shannon’s relationship extends far beyond the realms of brother and sister. Michael’s anger reaches boiling point with the children.


Alf witnesses a moment of passion between Curtis and Shannon. Pippa realises Michael’s problems run far deeper than she suspected.


Curtis and Shannon fear for their future in Summer Bay now that their relationship has been exposed.


Shane and Damian’s adventure lands them in hot water with the police.

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