Sam has to decide whether or not he wants to be formally fostered by the Ross family.


Tug misinterprets Sarah’s concern for his welfare. Adam says farewell to Summer Bay.


Luke and Roxy decide to bid for the beachhouse. Tug reacts violently when Sarah rejects his romantic overtures.


Tug makes a major decision regarding his future. Roxy and Luke are determined to bid against Irene for the beach house.


Tug begins to tidy up his affairs, having made an important decision about his life. Shane and Damian’s home delivery service gets off to a shaky start again.


Damian gets more than he bargained for when he delivers dessert to a new customer. Tug’s strange behaviour leads Shane to a horrific conclusion.


Tug is involved in a high-speed car accident when he steals Roxy’s car. Michael is surprised when his son Haydn returns to Summer Bay.


Michael is prepared to risk his family’s finances to keep his son in the Bay. Sarah lashes out at Tug for trying to take his own life.


Pippa refuses to let Michael mortgage the caravan park. Damian is convinced Cathy is the woman for him.


Tug appears to have hope for his future after all. Michael blames Pippa for driving his son out of their house.


Angel and Sarah realise that Shane and Damian have lied to them. Without financial assistance from Michael, Haydn is forced to leave the Bay.


Damian’s desire for Cathy makes him a laughing stock in Summer Bay.


Roxy and Luke split the house-sharing arrangement. Michael fails to realise that his son harbours a deep secret.


Tug feels ready to be welcomed back into society. Luke reluctantly lands himself a new boarder.


Haydn anxiously counts down the hours until the loan is approved. Damian attempts to help Tug get his life back on track.


Tug is unsure if there is a future for him in the Bay.


Michael and Pippa are unaware of Haydn’s imminent departure.


Shane and Damian’s friendship is on rocky ground. Michael goes to the city in search of Haydn.


Fisher fears that the Ross family will be torn apart if they cannot resolve the situation with Haydn.


Michael finally manages to track down Haydn.

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