Curtis and Shannon realise they no longer love each other. Shane comes up with the best idea yet for “muck up” day.


Shane, Angel and Damian successfully create chaos for ‘muck up’ day. Jack is excited to discover extra money in his bank account.


Jack is in serious trouble for taking money that isn’t his. Shane, Angel and Damian find themselves unable to complete their HSC at Summer Bay High.


Shane is finally able to offer Ros the support she needs. Jack goes to extreme lengths to secure Selina’s locket.


Jack’s spending spree lands him in hot water. Ros tries to get Shane and Angel to defer their marriage.


Roxy fears Donna’s return to town could threaten her relationship with Rob. Angel warns Ros not to interfere in her marriage plans.


Irene believes she could become the Dolly Parton of Summer Bay. Pippa feels this is the last chance to salvage her marriage to Michael.


Irene resists all jibes when she enters the country music talent quest. Shannon and Curtis’ Christmas puddings end in disaster.


Jack’s hopes for a happy Christmas are crushed. Pippa and Michael’s relationship nears breaking point.


Michael decides to move out of the family home. Curtis, Selina and Shannon run into more problems with their Christmas puddings.


Jack is convinced Pippa and Michael’s trial separation will end in divorce. Shane’s pride forces Angel to dispel any hope of a lavish wedding.


Shane and Angel look forward to a traditional white wedding. Pippa is determined to keep her family together.


Jack’s forgetfulness annoys Pippa. Irene is convinced her singing career is about to take off.


Ailsa fears Pippa may be failing in her attempt to keep her family together. Jack’s attempts to help around the house render him unconscious.


Shane’s Christmas surprise for Angel backfires. Jack’s crisis strengthens his bond with Pippa.


Angel and Shane clash over Angel’s new modelling job. Pippa is not impressed when Jack accepts a dinner invitation at Michael’s.


The children are forced to decide between spending Christmas with Pippa or Michael. Roxy fears that there will never be a light at the end of the tunnel.


Sally, Jack and Damian dread telling Michael that they will not be having Christmas lunch with him. Alf’s Christmas tree ends up a towering inferno.


Shane tells Angel to go to hell. It doesn’t look like Santa is going to make it to Summer Bay.

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