Episode 1464

Australian Air Date: 12th May 1994
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Fisher discovers the identity of the person who crept into his bed. Luke believes Nick is returning to work for all the wrong reasons.

Extended Summary

During Fisher’s class, Jack whispers to a boy in his class. Fisher asks who whispered; Jack says that it may have been him, but he was not the only one talking. Fisher asks him to repeat what he says, and tells him to go out of the classroom. He speaks to him and asks him was he the mystery prowler a few nights ago.

Angel tells Sarah that she has discovered that Jack is the mystery prowler and that Shane has set them up. Sarah is shocked by Shane’s actions. Irene is taking orders from a nearby table and overhears them; she asks them what Shane has been up to. Irene is not given the answer; she is told that he did something he should not have done.

Roxy’s class ends, and Fisher asks Angel and Shane to stay behind. He asks Shane does he know what is this about, but he denies he has any idea. Shane has learned that Jack has owned up about being the mystery prowler. Angel is allowed to leave if she has nothing to say; she would not waste her breath on him. Fisher is angry with the two of them and orders them to get out before he does something he may regret.

Angel has changed her mind about the ball; she is not going. Sarah tries to get her to change her mind, and asks Roxy to help. Roxy is surprised that Angel is not going, and persuades her to come. Angel gives in and decides to go. Sarah tries to decide as to who she is to take to the ball. She decides on Tug as he does not handle rejection well and persuades Angel to take Damian. Angel is reluctant, but agrees. They go to see Damian, and he learns that Tug has also invited her; she did not accept either but they both assumed. Sarah begs him to take Angel as his partner. He is unsure about taking his friend’s ex.

At Alf’s store, Nick is talking to Alf about going back to work. Alf is surprised as the blood pressure may go back up, but Nick says that he will still do yoga. Irene comes in and hears that Nick is going back to work and that he may get started on the case of the mystery prowler. He is convinced that it was just a prank. She tells him she may be able to help him; Alf asks her did she see what went on. She said that she overheard Sarah and Angel talking about Shane setting someone up and that the person being set up is Jack. Nick and Alf say that it may be possible; Nick also mentions that Shane and Jack are always at each other’s throats.

At school, Damian asks Shane would it be alright if he takes Angel to the ball. Shane does not like the idea, believing that he may be trying to crack onto her. Damian tells him it’s not true; he just wants to take her as his dancing partner. Shane tells him it is OK, as he would be sure she would be safe with him.

At the Diner, Luke is talking to Nick; Nick admits that he is bored and wishes to go to work early. Luke is shocked, and discovers that Shane may be partly to blame for his change in mind. Luke tells Shane about Nick’s decision and tells him that he should show responsibility for his problems.

Damian goes to Angel and Sarah and tells them he cannot take Angel. Sarah is disappointed, and is back to square one. Angel tries to help her and asks her who is the cutest. Sarah compares the two with their eyes and other features, but Angel tells her to forget them; who has the cutest bum. She tells her that it was what attracted her to Shane, but now realises that it is probably the most intelligent part in his body!

At Fishers, Nick is ironing his shirts for work, and Fisher says that he has not expected to see him ironing them for another week. Nick tells him that he wants to return to work early. Shane has just come in and tells Nick that he has heard he is going to work soon; he points out that he should not have to go just for him. Nick asks Fisher to leave them for a few moments. Fisher goes up to his room and an argument between Shane and Nick start; he can hear them from his room. He goes back down and gives out to them; their has been enough going-ons in this house, and they should learn to solve problems in a civilised manner.

Sarah has made a decision and sees Damian in the Surf Club. She does not tell him immediately and he believes she has decided on Tug. He is wrong; she has decided to take Damian, and he is delighted; he tells her she won’t regret it. At the Diner, Luke tells Sarah that Tug is happy about having her as his partner for the ball. Roxy asks her what made her decide on him; Sarah tells her that he decided on Damian, and feels that she would be letting him down again…

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