Episode 1463

Australian Air Date: 11th May 1994
Writer: James Balian
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Tug is more than impressed with his new tutor. Shane comes to grips with losing Angel.

Extended Summary

Angel is furious with Jack about the incident one night. Jack tells him that he thought that the time spent together meant something, but she gives out to him. He mentions that he got a letter. She tells him she never wrote a letter, but he tells her that he checked her handwriting with the list she gave him. He asks who would want to hurt her; she does not know, unless someone is out to get back at Jack. Angel rises from her chair and tells Shane to get out. She gives out to him, but he does not understand what is going on. She tells him that she knows about Jack and is getting fed up with him. Later on, she tells him that they are finished.

Nick asks Beth can you be too healthy, as Shane thinks he is overworking. Luke comes along and they ask him to join; he does not want to as he finished his ‘oming’ a long time ago. Luke invites them to the barbecue at the beach and they agree to come.

A young man comes into the Diner with a few kittens in his arms, and asks for a fiver for them. No-one buys them.

The barbecue is at the beach, with Nick, Luke, Tug, Beth and Fin present. On a nearby bridge, a car pulls up and the driver dumps a bag over the bridge. Tug has seen this and asks the others have they seen this. No-one has seen this and he tells them that it is the person with the kittens; Tug dives into the sea and saves the kittens.

At the Diner, Tug and Beth have a chat and she is surprised that he cares about the kittens as she thought farmers drown them. He remembers long ago when his father asked him to drown a litter, but he could not; instead, he took them to school and gave them away. She is impressed as most guys would not do this if they want to be macho. She says that if he writes out essays using his thoughts, he would be halfway there. He realises that Luke has told her of his worries; she says that she would not have given him the day off if she knew he was worried. She convinces him that if they work together, then he’ll be alright and holds his hand. Tug tells Luke that he knows he told Beth about his worries. Luke apologises, but Tug is glad he did.

Shane calls to see Damian and tells her of the break-up. He is sure that it would not last. Jack comes home and hassles Shane about Angel. Damian tells them to stop. They continue and Damian shouts at them and tells them that while they are here, they should sort out the mess they are in. Jack says that if Pip and Michael found out, he’d be sent back. Shane is worried Fisher would find out. Their only hope is that Angel would not find out. Shane persuades Damian to talk to Angel, but he refuses; he wants to stay out of their mess. Shane asks Jack to talk to her; Jack has no choice.

Jack calls to see Angel and apologises to her. She asks him would he apologise to Fisher but he said he was hoping that she would not say anything. Instead, she’ll leave it to Jack and Shane to own up.

Damian knows that Angel has discovered of Jack. He sees her in the Diner and apologises to her for not telling her. She says it is not her fault, but that it is Shane’s fault. Damian tries to defend Shane when he says that he acted without thinking. Angel broke up the relationship as Shane is always thinking of himself and the fact that she is supposed to be his girlfriend and he hurt her proves it. She says it is over.

The next morning, Shane tells Angel he is trying to show her how sorry he is. Angel tells him he needs his ears cleaned out as he was not listening – they are finished. She leaves, and Nick asks him is it just another lovers’ tiff. Shane says that he did not think she would be serious, but realises she is: they are over…

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