Episode 1462

Australian Air Date: 10th May 1994
Writer: Sue Castrique
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Angel is horrified to discover the identity of the intruder. Michael is forced to sell the boat shed.

Extended Summary

Jack is still on Fisher’s bed whispering sweet nothings, and asks could he go under the blankets. Fisher turns around and says he cannot. Jack realises who he is and makes a quick exit out the window. Fisher puts on the light quickly, but is too late.

Everyone in the Fishers is up and Fisher tells what has happened. He blames Angel as the person was looking for her. She is shocked and argues with him, saying that she would not ask someone into her room at night. Fisher apologises and they all have a look outside. Nick says the flower bed was trampled on and calls the station; the cops will investigate the fingerprints around the bedroom. Angel is scared as she thinks he may come back for her, but Shane tries to convince her, unsuccessfully. The police are to call into Fishers to question Angel and Fisher. Fisher tries to recall the words the visitor said last night.

Michael is in the kitchen preparing some hot milk. Pip asks him what is he doing up; he has not been able to sleep. He tells him about the funds between the caravan park and the boatshed; transferring one to the other would be enough for a few repayments. Pip does not agree as she is reluctant to involve the caravan park. He is annoyed and asks her has she got a better idea. She does not, but states that she is entitled to her opinion. He goes up and she offers to take his milk up. Just then, Jack has come through the door in a rush. Pip is there and asks him what was he up to. Michael calls from upstairs and she tells him everything is alright here. Jack does not say anything; just that he was out. Pip tells him to go to bed and that he is not to leave the house until he has spoken to her.

At the Diner, Sarah and Angel are talking. Shane tells Sarah about last night, and asks Angel does she want more food. As Shane goes up to the counter, Sarah asks her why didn’t she tell her anything, and Angel asks her the same thing when she tells Roxy something she can’t tell her. Sarah tells her that she has two partners for the ball. Sarah and Angel are in the Surf Club now and she asks Angel who should she invite. Angel asks her why is she asking her: is it because they are best friends. Sarah agrees, and Angel asks her would she trust her. Sarah promises to trust her if she helps her out of her mess as to who should she take to the ball.

The next morning, Jack is up and asks Sally where Pip is. Pip appears and asks him where he was last night. He says he was just out and refuses to reveal where he was. Pip is annoyed; she cannot have him sneaking behind their backs and he is then grounded until she says otherwise.

Michael gets ready for the meeting with the bank manager. Later on, Pip asks where he is, but Sally does not know. Pip has an idea where he may be and goes to the beach. She finds him there and asks him how the meeting went. He says it did not go at all, and they may have to sell the boatshed.

At Alf’s store, Fisher mentions that he had an unwelcome visitor last night. Alf thinks he was burgled, but he tells him that someone tried to get into his bed. Jack enters the store and overhears Fisher saying that he has heard the voice before but that he cannot place it. Alf calls to Jack and asks him what he wants. Jack speaks using only one word at a time and shows him how many using his fingers! Alf reminds him of the word “please” and Jack says it. Jack leaves and Fisher comments on how few words he has spoken, which is quite unusual. Alf says “flamin’ kids” would not know manners if they fell over them!

There is a family meeting at the Rosses, but it does not begin, as they are waiting for Jack. He comes back and Michael tells them that they are not leaving the caravan park and they are staying in this house. Sam is glad, and Michael says he is glad also, before going onto saying that they are not bankrupt, but they do have financial worries. They are shocked to hear that he may have to sell the boatshed, and Damian asks him what will he do. Michael does not know; he may have to find some other job.

Jack is playing with his guitar. Sally has come back from the beach, but he does not say anything. When she says questions he could have answered, he listens to her and apologises; he is bored from the grounding. Jack asks Damian has he seen Angel. He tells her he has seen her around, but does not say where. He realises she is at the Surf Club when he does not answer, and asks him to cover for him. He leaves and heads for the Surf Club and finds Angel there. He goes behind her and apologises for last night. Angel realises it was him who went in last night…

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