Episode 1461

Australian Air Date: 9th May 1994
Writer: Glen Stevens
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Jack’s rendezvous with Angel lands him in the wrong bed. Sarah finds herself with one too many dates for the debutante ball.

Extended Summary

Damian is at Fishers with Sarah, Shane and Angel. He asks Sarah who is she taking to the ball, but she has no partner. He suggests they go together as friends, and asks her to let him know the colour of the dress so that he could get a matching bow. Fisher returns home and tells Damian that he is glad that Michael has sorted out the loan. Damian does not understand this, and leaves to go home.

Jack returns home with the aftershave. Sam grabs it off him and jeers him about him and Angel. Jack tries to grab it off him and Damian sees what’s going on and asks Jack for a sec: he tells him he should not be trying to crack onto Angel. Jack does not pay attention and smiles.

Damian returns home and asks Pip what is this about them being broke. Sally hears the conversation and Pip tells them they are not to say anything to Michael; he is sorting it out.

Sally asks Pip could she go to the ball, but she refuses. She tells her that some of her class are going but she still says no. She tells her that she is nearly 15, and Pip says they’ll talk about it when she is nearly 17. Sally asks her about the loan, and Pip tells her that there is nothing to worry about. Michael has come home and Sally and Pip stop talking; he asks Pip what was this about and she tells her that Sally wanted to go to the ball and that she refused, as she is too young.

In the kitchen, Sam is spending so long at the fridge and Damian tells him he should close the door. Jack mocks him about just a few cents. Michael has overheard this and asks Pip what is that all about. She denies she knows anything, and Michael realises someone may have blabbed. Pip tells him that only Sally and Damian knows of this and he tells her she should not have said anything. She tells him she did not tell them. Michael tells Sally that they are not broke no matter what anyone says. Pip thinks he is too hard on him. Damian comes in the door and Michael asks him where did he hear about them. Michael is shocked to hear that it was Fisher who told him.

At the Surf Club, Tug asks Sarah does she have a partner for the ball. Tug says that they could go together, but she tries to tell him about Damian. Tug butts in before she finishes and asks her is she scared they’ll look stupid. Sarah is unable to say anything and Tug says they have a deal.

Roxy asks Sarah about the ball, and she tells her that Tug is her partner. Sarah is not happy, but Roxy does not understand, until she tells her that Damian thinks she is his partner. Angel comes up and asks them what’s up. Roxy tells her that Sarah is in a fix, and Sarah lies to her about the problem with the dress. Angel walks over to Shane and feels something is odd. Roxy asks Sarah why is she keeping it from Angel and she says that it’s something she has to sort out herself.

Angel tells Shane that she feels that Sarah is hiding something. She asks Roxy is she hiding something, and says that it’s not really friends when secrets are being kept from her. Roxy points out to her that she lost her trust when she wrote the story and it would be a while before Sarah trusts her again.

Damian persuades Shane to drop his plan with Jack and warns him that the police may get involved if it’s a break-in. Shane would not drop the plan and tells him that he would have to make sure Fisher’s window stays unlocked. Shane tells Angel that he is going back home to eat, but she wants him to eat at the kiosk. Sarah and Angel talk about the concert and Shane asks them how could they waste so much money on a concert and tells them of a 40-hour famine. He wants to go home to get the pamphlet, and Angel says she’ll go. He tells her there is no need to go, but she wants to be with him while he has a caring side; it’s not often he shows his caring side!

Shane and Angel are now back at Fishers and he says he’ll get the pamphlet from his room. Upstairs, he heads into Fisher’s room and opens the window. There is a sound of humming outside the room and Shane dives under Fisher’s bed. Fisher takes his shoes and socks off and Shane is not impressed – probably from the smell of his feet! Angel comes in asking him where Shane is. Fisher says he does not know and leaves the room. Shane leaves the room and is relieved. Angel asks him where he was, and he lies that he heard a noise outside and went out to check it.

Fisher decides to go to bed and bids Shane and Angel good night. Angel wants to go to bed as well and goes up. Angel tells Shane goodnight and have sweet dreams, and he says quietly you can bet on it and smiles. After Angel is gone to bed, Shane goes outside and moves the bin before hiding under the bushes. Jack walks up to Fishers and Shane smiles. Jack looks for the second window and climbs in through the window. He goes to the bed and, believing it is Angel who is in the bed, apologises to her for being late, but that he is here now. Fisher has heard him…

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