Episode 1460

Australian Air Date: 6th May 1994
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Jovita O’Shaughnessy

Jack falls for Shane’s plan of revenge. Tug makes a date with Beth that will make his future a lot brighter.

Extended Summary

Tug wants to have a tutor and asks Fisher about one. fisher tells him that there are plenty who would help him for money. Tug realises that tutors charge and is disappointed. Fisher asks him about Luke but Tug says he cannot go back just because he does not charge.

Jack and Sam go for a swim and he tells Sam that he should not be following him all the time. Sam sees Angel at the pool and calls out to her. Jack smiles and takes his t-shirt off. Sam splashes water at him, and Jack tells him to get lost. Jack and Angel talk about books.

Luke finds Beth in a classroom and asks her if Tug asks her for tutorials, would she agree. She agrees, but only if Tug agrees. Tug is at home and Luke and Beth call over. Beth asks him would he be interested in tutorials with her. He refuses as he does not want to be charged, and tells them to forget it if they are free, as he does not want to be a charity case. Beth makes a deal: she teaches him and he teaches her to swim. Tug believes Luke did something but she insists that she just thought it up. Luke tells him he should accept it and Tug is given ten seconds to make up his mind. Beth is told to go and change as he cannot teach her in her casual clothes.

At Fishers, Nick is making lentil curry and Shane is not enthusiastic about having this for dinner. Fisher comes home and the phone then rings; he tells Shane he is not here. Shane answers it; it is the bank calling for Fisher. Fisher says he could have done without that call; the bank have told him that the Rosses have defaulted on their last payment and as he is guarantor, he has to cough up.

Fisher is unsure what to do about the call from the bank and tells Alf about it. Alf is surprised as this is the last thing they would have expected to happen for the Rosses. Fisher wonders why Michael has not told him that things were so bad, and Alf says that he is probably embarrassed, and Alf tells him that he should tell them.

At the Rosses, Sam is doing his homework when Fisher calls. Fisher is told that Sam actually enjoys his homework when he gets started. Fisher is glad to hear this and tells them of the call from the bank. Sam is asked to take a break and to go outside. Michael is surprised and is sure that there is a mistake. He decides to call the bank, but the manager is gone to look at cars. Fisher mentions of himself and Alf talking about banks and Michael is angry with him: he is sure that half of the Bay knows they are broke.

Michael drops into Alf’s store to pick up his order. Alf asks him does he want it on his account, but Michael wants to pay in cash. He says that they are not broke despite him thinking so. He leaves, and Nick asks Alf what was it all about. Nick realises it is about phone call from the bank.

Jack calls to see Angel. Shane answers the door but refuses to let him in. Angel sees Jack and tells him to come in. Shane says that they have dinner soon, so he’d better hurry. Angel tells him it won’t be ready for an hour as Nick has said. Jack asks Angel for the names of the books they talked about earlier. She goes to her room, and Shane is not happy with his actions. Jack pulls his face at him and Shane tells him he will flatten it if he does it again. Angel returns with the names of the books. Jack leaves and takes out the love letter and compares with Angel’s actual handwriting. He finds they are similar and is overjoyed.

Michael has visited the bank and tells Pippa that there was no mistake: there is little money in their bank accounts. She asks him what are they going to do and he tells her it will be alright: they’ll draw up a plan later.

At the swimming pool, Tug is helping Beth with the floating. Beth panics temporarily when she stops floating. Roxy and Luke are nearby and she asks him how he feels about the arrangement. He is disappointed as he wants to help Tug over the finishing line, as it is Beth’s job now.

Jack goes to Alf’s store for some aftershave. Alf says one will keep the flies off him and the other will attract shielas. Jack asks which one does what, but Alf does not know! Jack chooses one and buys it. As he leaves, Shane and Angel enter. Shane and Angel are there to buy dessert and mention that Nick has cooked lentil curry. Alf says that they should invite Jack over as he has a date. Angel asks him who is the lucky woman but he does not know. Shane has heard this and smiles…

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