Episode 1459

Australian Air Date: 5th May 1994
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Jovita O’Shaughnessy

Luke begins teaching his female students ballroom dancing. Shane sets Jack up for a fall.

First episode. Dawn’s daughter. Wayne’s younger sister. Local school-girl popular with the boys. Fell for Jack.

Extended Summary

Roxy asks Fisher about the photocopier and he admits that they need a new one. She asks him would he give lessons on dancing and he agrees to do them. Tug has just had his class with Beth and is carrying a lot of books. Fisher asks him how is he getting on; Tug moans that he has too many books and Fisher suggests that he get started on them now. In the Diner, Fin gives Tug her old notes and he thanks her.

Tug has just come out of the pool when Beth comes and she asks him is he going to spend all day there. He says that he likes to have a swim first thing. He asks her to go in but she admits that she cannot swim, despite her family being swimmers.

Shane asks Fisher what’s for dinner. Fisher says he is not bothered with cooking so he is getting takeaway, and Shane comments on how Fisher would not have to worry about cooking as Irene knows her way around the kitchen. Fisher does not understand what he means, and takes it as a joke. Shane tells him that Irene is his dancing partner and Fisher complains that no-one told him of this.

Fisher comes into the Diner and tells Roxy he has to drop out of the lessons as he does not want to be paired with Irene; talk about him and Irene has started again. She is disappointed and complains to Luke. Luke gets the feeling that he would be asked to take over, but he tells her no. She demands to know why, and he admits that he does not want to be in a position where female students feel encouraged.

At the Diner, Roxy tells Ailsa that Fisher has pulled out and tells Luke that if he does not want to help out, it is fine. Luke sighs and gives in, as he will never hear the end of Roxy’s pleadings.

Luke is out on the school yard and Tug comes over. He asks him about the lessons, and Tug says that he would need extra tutorials if he is to get by. Luke offers to help him as they both live under the same roof. A girl comes up to Luke and asks him for some dance lessons. Luke tells her to go back and to bat. Selina leaves and he tells Tug that he told Roxy that it would happen.

Tug drops into the Diner and Fin asks him how his day went. He says it went OK, but she gets the impression it did not go alright. He says that Luke has offered him tutorials. She thinks it is great, but does not understand why he is not happy. Tug says he owes him a lot and it would be awkward having him as a teacher 24 hours a day as he would not be able to relax. She suggests that he tell him, but Luke is so fired up, he cannot just tell him.

Luke is asking around to find if there is enough interest in the ball. He asks Shane but he says he is not going and is definitely not going to change his mind. Damian agrees to go. Roxy is disappointed to hear that Shane would not be interested as he has an influence over a number of people, and worries that there would be a small turnout. She asks Angel about him and Angel tells her not to worry; he will be going.

Angel asks him why he is not going to the ball. He is not interested. There is an English class with Fisher and he talks about sonnets and love letters. At this point, Shane smiles and Angel is bewildered as to what he is happy about. Fisher asks him what is up, and Shane tells him everything is fine. He asks him to read for the class and Shane does so.

After class, Shane tells Angel he is going to the ball and he asks her for her maths homework as he is behind in them. She knows he has not done them, but gives him her locker key anyway. He goes through her locker and Damian asks him why has he not taken her maths copy. He mentions that he has a plan for Jack using love letters. During lunch, Shane writes a letter and puts it in Jack’s locker when he is finished.

Jack is at his locker and discovers a note for him. He reads it and calls Angel but she is gone. Back home, he is sitting at the porch, thinking, and when Damian asks him what is he doing, Jack asks him about Angel. Damian tells him that Shane and Angel are an item and he reckons that it will stay that way. Jack thought so too, and reads the note again…

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