Episode 1465

Australian Air Date: 13th May 1994
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Tug’s feelings for Beth could have disastrous results for them both. Pippa takes desperate measures to help the family’s finances

Extended Summary

Tug is at the Diner and Sarah tries to tell him about the invitation. Tug prevents this when she talks about Selina, calling her a slag. Angel and Sarah give out to him for using that word, but he tells them everyone calls her that.

Selina goes to the table where Angel and Sarah are. She asks Tug is he going to the ball. He says that he is but is sorry as he has a partner already. She says that she is not after a partner; she is just interested. When asked who is she taking, she goes up to Luke and chats him up. Angel realises that she wants to take Luke, and asks does she have a brain. Tug asks what brain, as she does not really have one!

Pippa wants to help Michael with financial problems and offers to get a part-time job. Michael says no, as he thinks that it is his fault he got them in this mess and that he should get them out of it.

Pip reads the ad at the Surf Club. She heads over to Alf’s shop and he asks how are things. She asks about the part-time job advertised. Alf tries to tell her that it is below her standard; the job involves cleaning toilets. She is taken aback, but decides a job is a job, and that it is to be kept between the two of them.

Michael comes into the store and jokes that he’ll pay cash. Alf does not think it is a joke and tells him not to play that again. Alf talks to him about money, and how it is such a delicate issue. Michael tells him that Pip has offered to work, but he refused, as he wishes to resolve the mess himself.

Pip and Michael are in the caravan park doing some maintenance. He puts a note in Damian’s pocket, telling him to get a tux with it. Damian tells him he’ll use his money, but Michael refuses, saying they are not near the poverty line yet. Damian and Jack leave for school. Michael comments on Damian’s offer and appreciates it. He tells her that the notice board advertising about the auction is up. She asks would the boatshed be sold earlier; he does not know as it is a buyers market now. She suggests that he go over to Social Security to see what assistance he is entitled to get. He does not like the idea; he does not want any government handouts. She tries to convince him as there is no money coming from the boatshed. Irene drops over to return the empties to Pip, and tells them they must have got a shock when they discovered that Jack was a mystery prowler. Pip does not understand and Irene apologises for telling them this. Michael is furious, and admits that he will be glad to see him go next week.

Irene is at the Surf Club, ready for her class. Everyone is present, and she gives them instructions, and takes Luke and Selina for a demonstration. After the demo, everyone takes a partner and they try the waltz. Damian dances with Irene, but keeps getting his foot on hers! Irene advises Sarah to wear steel boots on the night!

Damian asks Sarah and Angel do they want to come over to his place. Angel does not want to, but Sarah is coming. Damian and Jack go home, with Sarah. Pip is at the gate checking the post and Damian asks her is there any for her. She jokes that there would be if he would pay the bills! She stops Jack and asks him about the night at Fishers. Jack does not deny it and says that it was a joke, and Pip tells him that it is not a joke, and she is very disappointed with him.

Tug tells Luke that he likes Beth and she likes him. Luke tells him that she likes everyone, as it is the way she is. He tries to tell him that he is setting himself up for a fall…

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